I know I am totally crazy !!!

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Sarahmains40, Jul 13, 2013.

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    I know I sound totally crazy !!!!
    Today, 09:23 AM #1

    Right I sound crazy I am trying for my first baby Eeekkk.

    I haven't been on the pill for years just used condoms ( never felt good on pill)

    The first day of my period was 23rd of June I had sex around about the 3rd July (would of tried more but hubby is working away lol)

    A few days after that my stomach was going mad and since then I've been extremely bloated and had really bad wind. Been getting migraine type head aches and been feeling sick for no reason at all. Last night when I was driving I felt like I had travel sickness. When I got home I really needed to throw up and I felt so bloated.

    Since yesterday my lower back is in agony it hurts to stand up straight. And I've been getting cramping in my stomach and pelvic area. I took a pregancy test this morning and it came back negative (nooooooo ) but my period isn't due for another 8 days.

    I'm I going totally crazy and is it all in my head. I know it could be pmt but honestly I never get pmt pains like this untill I actually come on and even there I don't get bloated or sickly and my lower back never hurts, any body else felt like this. I know I sound bonkers (hormones maybe???? ):shock::shock::shock::shock:
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    Hiyaa , u dont sound bonkers at all your syptoms sound good , if a your not due on for another 8 days its probably too early to test try and wait till the day before your due on to test again fx you get your bfp xx

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