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    Hi everyone just thought I'd start this thread as the wait to find out if I am pregnant or not is driving me crazy!

    My period is late so I took a hpt after 3 days which was negative. Then on day 4 I had some brownish spotting which was so light it was barely there and this was on and off for 24 hours then stopped. I have done some reading and it keeps coming up with implantation bleeding so without letting myself get too excited I thought I might still have a chance. Everything I read said to give it a couple of days then do another test, so I did another test this morning (period now 6 days late) but disappointingly this was also negative!

    I haven't really had any other pregnancy symptoms, mild cramping on and off for a couple of days about a week before my period was due which is not normal for me. My breast have been tender on and off over the last week but I do get some breast tenderness when my period is due anyway and feel like I'm looking for symptoms rather than having them.

    Has anyone else experienced implantation bleeding and had negative tests?
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