I heard Bod's heartbeat...

Anna Marie

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Jul 6, 2005
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I was at my midwife appointment yesterday and she found Bod's heartbeat straight away with her doppler.. instantly recognised the choo choo train like sound.. it was awesome!!!

Of course I just burst into tears with relief and joy :) :)
I know all the scans I have had were fab and seeing Bod on screen while he / she moved about in there is amazing but hearing the heartbeat so clearly like that was truly incredible... it was between 155 and 158 bpm so all is well so far!!

I then was at my obstetrician appointment at the hospital and he too found it with his doppler, I didn't cry that time but I was very smiley afterwards!!

For those of you wondering why I am so over the moon .. it is because I am just very relieved to be past this stage as one of my 3 past m/c was between 12-14 weeks [heartbeat was detected at 12 week scan but began to m/c at 13+5] :cry:

So... I just have to try to stay positive for the remaining 26 weeks and hope that Bod hangs in there !!!!!!!!!!! :?

Oh, Anna Marie, that sounds so positive for you, I am soooo pleased (and a little jealous as I've not heard mine yet!!)

Can I take it that you are now going to relax a little bit????
I will try Tankett I promise!!

Still no luck with my own doppler :cry: but maybe soon......

when you see your midwife ask her to check for you.. mine just offered to try so it was a pleasant surprise and really made my day! She said Bod was still very low so just above pubic bone but she didn't even have to press very hard.. and when my consultant found it later in pm it was not as loud but lots of "whooshing" sounds as Bod moved about.. it really was lovely.. pity OH missed it... he was away in Scotland for work. Next time I will take a dictaphone or something and record it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A dictaphone - what a great idea!!! :lol:

I'll have to remember to ask the midwife at my next appointment. Not sure when that is though - hoping I've not been forgotten! :shock:

I had my midwife appointment at 5 weeks, then my dating scan at 9+6, I have my next scan booked at 20 weeks, but nothing from the midwife! :? I know I should be having the blood tests at around 14/15 weeks, but do I need to phone them for the appointment or will they phone me?
Did your midwife take all your blood tests at 5 weeks?
I thought they like to see us once per month but maybe it differs.. I would call your GP and they will tell you as usually the midwives are booked through them.

Do you have an NT scan booked or are you having the blood tests?? If so they should be soon... NT before 13+5 and bloods up to 14 I think.

My next midwife appt is for spina bifida test at 16-17 weeks.. another worry!!

defo call to check you have not been forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Anne marie and Tankett,

I recorded our bundles heart beat on my phone as my partner wasnt there and now I am able to txt it to everyone. its great and as I always have my phone on me I can listen to it when ever I want :lol: :lol:

awww hearing babys heart beat is lovely xxxxxxxx
I've only just remembered to ring the GP, and yep, I had been forgotten!!!

Luckily, the midwife was there, and she said that they do the bloods for downs at 16 weeks, so I now have an appointment booked for the 21st March. That'll take me to 15+5. Good job I rang! :shock:

Oh and Sarah, what a fantastic idea to record the heartbeat!! I'll definitely be doing that! :lol:
Thats a relief.. just in the nick of time those blood tests!!!

I just posted that I heard Bod on my own doppler last night.. it really was lovely.. I actually fell asleep with it still on my tummy.. OH had to switch it off... aparently I'd been there for almost an hour listening with a smile on my face!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so much better today...

15 weeks and finally get somewhere with the doppler.. was beginning to give up!!

Annemarie so happy things goin well for you.
You can start to relax & enjoy a bit more now.
Lorrie :) x
Thanks everyone.. Lorrie I will try to relax.. but cannot promise !! :wink: :wink:

Also cannot promise I won't be switching on that dopper a million times between now and my 20 week scan!!!! :oops: :wink: :)
Awww, i am so pleased for you.... 155-158 bpm thats a girly heart beat!!! LOL!

I wish you the best for a healthy pregnancy, i truly do!

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