I have totally had enough of my sister!!!!!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by BellaRiven, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Ok so a little bit of background, she has always been about herself but she got pregnant at 15 with her first kid, a year after he was born she walked out on him, we had him for 2 years she ot him back she went on to have 3 more children walking out on them twice making this the 3rd walk out for my first nephew...who is now 12.

    Since august last year he has been living with us because she was evicted, she barely sees him or wnats him around unless she wants him to babysit then she is all lovey dovey to him, when he says no she sends him text messages giving him a guilt trip well tonight I had enough...we get no money to look after him and he barely gets his £12 for bus fare every week from her, not that it;s about the money it's about him..

    She called and said she wanted him to babysit....on a school night.... so she could go to a party, now he won;t go to sleep until she is in when he babysits because he is scared she will leave again, she had never let him forget it, we have social workers involved and they have been told what she is up to but as long as he is looked after and loved by the rest of the family they don;t really care.

    Tonight I had enough I told her categorically that he wasn't babysitting, she flew off the handle sent him a nasty text message saying when he is back under her roof it doesn;t matter what Aunty Kelly (me) and Grandma says he will do as he is told....

    She is such a bad and selfish mother and what I have said is the tip of the iceberg, if I could guarantee that Kyle would be allowed to stay with me I would have him permanently, if I had the space I would have them all permanently just to keep them away from her, I have completely had enough of her behavior and my parents are about as much use as a chocalate teapot!!!! they leave it all to me.

    anyway thanks for the rant, hasn;t helped much but there we are......
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    How selfish of her. I could maybe have sympathy for her the first time she walked out when Kyle was young cos maybe she was feeling overwhelmed being so young herself, but to go on and have more children and do it again well that is proper selfish.

    It's awful that she is using and emotionally guilt tripping Kyle in the way that she is.

    Is there anyway that you could have a chat with Kyle and see if he would prefer to live with you on a permanent basis and with his agreement apply for guardianship or something?

    It must be awful for you knowing what kind of a mother she is and having to emotionally support Kyle through it all.

    I don't really know what else to say hun other than I hope either you can get some kind of guardianship put in place or your sister wises up...but I don't think that she will from what you've posted.

    :hug: x
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    Technically if he spends more than so many weeks at your home you are entitled to claim for his child benefit. I did this when my dad died and i became my sisters guardian as my mum was unable to look after her. I think you should definately speak with social services about applying for guardianship of him and with her history of walking out on him im pretty sure it would all go in your favour. You are doing thhe right thing by him and your sister seems very selfish. You have to be a very kind loving person to do what you are doing x
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    sorry, i know she is your sister, but i think its awful what she is doing totally selfish and just plain nasty. that poor child. i agree that you should speak to social services to try and get guardianship.

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