i had my first scan and the worst has happened


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Jul 5, 2005
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hi ladies, i have been posting in this sectiom for weeks now and i can not belive what has happened to me. i went for a 10 week scan just to check my due date only to find out that my little bean had stopped growing at 6 weeks. it is such a shock i just can not cope :cry: i had to have surgery on wednesday and now i just can not even start to describe how i feel.

very sad sarah
I feel so sorry for you. I am sending all the hugs that I can for you.

Love to you

Sarah W Baby Belly
Sending all my love to you Sarah and a HUGE hug..........

Wish I could say or do something to make everything ok for you again.

Much love
There are no words to describe how sad you must feel......I had a m/c in March which was bad enough but to actually find out during a scan when you think everything is fine must be soul destroying.......

My thoughts are with you, lovely xxxxxx
Really sorry sarah, i know how you're feeling i went through it last year, had to have the D&C done too, if you need a chat pm me.

Hugs manda x
Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that :(
Wish there was something we could do or say to make you feel better.

Love Vicky x
Hi Sarah

I'm so sorry to hear you sad news. I've been through it too (jan this year and I know how awful it is.
Big hug
Louise x
I'm so sorry to hear your news sweetheart. Sending my love to you xx
Thinking of you hon and send you a massive hug. Lots of love, xx
Sending you love and cuddles Sarah. :cry:
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry for you Sarah,
wish i did not feel so useless!!! I can only send you big hugs and love.

Mel xx
Im sorry to hear what has happened, u must be devastated. Sorry for ur loss, i could never imagine what u are goin thro, all my love. Hope u keep ur safe safe and happy.

bec x x x
thankyou so much for all your support. im starting to feel a litle better now and i know with time my feelings will heal. you all have been lovely and i wish you all the best. you never know i could be back with some good news soon x x x x
Keep us updated, my fingers and toes and arms and legs (well i think u get the picture now, lol) are alll crossed for u, and i hope everythin is ok

bec x x
I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you warm wishes and thoughts! Keep us posted!

I am so sorry to read this, thinking of you.

Hi Sarah

How are you feeling today? Been thinking of you all week since I read your post. I'm so sorry for you and your partner.
Hope your begining to feel a little better. Big hug x
Sorry to hear about your little bean Sarah.. only just read this thread and as I am just beginning to come to terms with my m/c [started bleeding last week and scan showed no heart beat at 8 weeks] I know how sad and empty you are feeling.

Don't give up hope as we have to believe that there will be other little beans in our future.

take care

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