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Jun 29, 2005
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:( I've just been crying because yesterday I had a tiny amount of brown discharge when I went to the toilet. Today there has been a bit more and I have the same feeling in my stomach as when I have my period.
I made an appt and went to see the Dr. He tried to find a heartbeat but nothing (He said it was still maybe too early) There should be one at 8 weeks though, shouldn't there?. I felt absolutely gutted. He's arranging for me to have a scan on Monday. I'm so scared because I don't want this to be the end. If it was just the brown discharge, I could cope with that at the moment, because I know that it common, but the fact that he tried to find a heartbeat and couldn't is really upseting. :(
I know you must be worried, this time is so crutical. I'm sure everything is ok! They were not able to hear our baby's heartbeat until I was about 10wks or a little over 10wks. Not hearing the heartbeat at this stage is common. Try not to worry so much I know that's easier said then done but because this time is so crutical you need to stay as calm as possible. Take care and I'm sending good thoughts your way. :D

xoxo Ree

Not sure if this helps, but for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy I was bleeding on and off and it was anything from brown to bright red. I remember, ironically on Christmas day last year, when I had a big bleed and thought game over.

In the end I went for a scan and all did seem well - I was 7 weeks and 4 days when they checked but I still bleed until 12 weeks.

It could just be implantation bleeding, I am hoping that's all and as you say it's quite common.

Am thinking of you take care!
I think you are far to early to hear the heartbeat. Baby certainly will have one but it will be too small for a doppler to pick it up. The bleeding is probably from implantation but its best to always have it checked and hopefully your scan will reassure you.
Take care
Thanks so much for your replies. I'm still really worried though and it seems the more I read on the web, the more I am worrying. There's nothing I can do until Monday though (I'll keep you all informed) and we'll see what happens over the weekend. Thanks again girls xx
Hi Hannan,

I know exactly what you are going through, I'm going through the same thing.

I've been spotting/bleeding for 5 weeks now, it's such a traumatic time. I've shed plenty of tears too. I've had 2 episodes of proper red bleeding too and the first time I really thought I'd lost my little bean. I've had 2 early scans and all is OK so far. I have another next week.

Try not to read too much about this because I've found that the more informed I am the more damage it's doing to me emotionally. You end up focussing on all of the negative things and not on the positive experiences people have had.

You'll find a lot of women on the forum have had spotting in the first 12 weeks and have gone on to have healthy babies.

It is early to hear a heartbeat, my midwife said that she would try and listen for mine at my next appointment when I'm 14 weeks but she said it may be too early.

Yet I have bought a doppler and I found a hearbeat straight away at 6.5 weeks, it has a BPM displayed on it so it's definitely the heartbeat. Althought the instructions said it wouldn't be likely to hear one until 10-12 weeks.

At this early stage your little bean is behind your pelvis so it's normal that you can't hear a hearbeat yet, most women won't until a few more weeks.

My GPs reassured me that it's normal to have period type aches and pains in the first trimester because your uterus is growing. Your little bean is doubling in size every week so when you think about it that way it makes sense that you'll feel twinges.

I know it's impossible for you to relax totally because I can't either. Make sure you take things easy over the weekend, rest and relax.

You've done the right thing in getting to the Docs and getting it checked out.
Thanks so much Bagpuss. I have been reading your threads and know that you haven't had an easy time - it's just constant worry in these early weeks, isn't it? Today I have had no cramping but there is still some brown sticky discharge when I go to the toilet. :oops:
What was also worrying me yesterday was the fact that my boobs had been sore ever since I had found out I was pregnant and over the past few days that has subsided. I have still had no nausea or sickness and all this is making me think that something is wrong. I'm going to be so scared on Monday having a scan but I know it's for the best. I just really hope that the news isn't bad.
Thanks again for all the advice xxxxx
It seems a lot of us are experiencing similar problems, it just goes to show how common spotting is, I don't think it matters what anyone else says however reassuring we try to be each of our experience is individual. I have had spotting on and off for the last 3-4 days with back ache and no pregnancy symptoms (m/c in August) I too am worried sick. I think it is good that you have contacted your GP as I have now too, but we must rememer they are only General Practitioners, and do not necessarily specialise in this area. If you get mega worried try and contact your community midwife at your GP or local hospital, I have thought about it.( think I should take some of my own advice!!) I am surprised that your GP tried find a heartbeat at this early stage with a doppler... please try not to worry yourself too much, I have decided now (and i'm really sorry if this sounds harsh) what is going to happen will happen no matter how much you worry you will just end up making it worse for yourself
Please remember you are not alone............
If you need a chat you can pm me.
Take care and get lots of rest.

(((((((((big hugs)))))))))))

Hi Hannan,

You will be scared going for that first scan. I'd just had some blood test results before I had mine and the HCG levels were really high so that was a positive sign but I was still scared.

Although it's early, a scan will confirm that everything is how it should be which is so important for you to know. They will also look for reasons for the spotting, they may not find an obvious reason as in my case.

Although GPs aren't midwives, they will only follow steps that the midwife can do at this stage and that's blood tests and referrals for scans. I guess speaking to a midwife can give you added advice but I have to be honest I've found my GPs to be more helpful than my midwife through out all of my spotting.

I know what you mean with the symptom thing. Some days my boobs are sore and others they feel absolutely normal, they haven't even got bigger yet! Hmph.

My nausea eased off last week and now it's back! Weird.

My sister is 20 weeks gone and she didn't have any sickness in her first trimester.

Which hospital are you going to? You're in the same area as me? I went to City hospital and have chosen that one to have my baby (so long as everything goes OK, can't think to far ahead).
Thanks so much for your replies. I only feel able to write this message now because I've been so upset. Not long after writing my last message yesterday I began having red bleeding every time I went to the toilet. I really think that it is all over for me now. Sometimes, and sorry if this is tmi, the bleeding had tiny clots in it and is quite mucusy... I have some today too.
My DH and I are so sad, and even though I'll still go to the scan tomorrow, I am now expecting the very worst. I'll let you know what happens xxxx

Bless you, :oops: I am thinking of you babe and have my fingers (& everything else) crossed for you, and hope that this is entirely normal for you, as you have read in all of the threads posted here, it is quite common for this to happen.
Although It will not make any difference what anyone else says to you our experiences etc, as I've put in previous threads, what is normal for one is not necessarily normal for someone else.
I sincerely hope, and I am praying for you, that all will be fine at your scan tomorrow, chin up babe and rest, please keep us posted, and remember all us girlies are here for you. ( PM me if you would like a chat.)

I too have to speak to my GP tomorrow hope to get things checked out..... still have small amounts of spotting...... and back ache.

I will be thinking of you.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Love Davinia.xx

We haven't heard from you - I hope you are ok. I know it is soo hard and you probably don't want to chat.

Please let us know you're ok.......easier said than done I know.

I can only reiterate what Sass has written, been thinking about you all day.

Hope everything is OK.
Yeah, me too.
Really thinking about you and hoping all is OK.
Lucy x
Hi Hannan

Thinking of you! hope everything is okay. Come on here and chat when you feel up to it. Sending you the biggest bag of luck in the world and praying that you and bean are okay.

Big hug x
You are all so lovely and kind.... I haven't logged on now because sadly I've been in hospital for a D&C yesterday and stayed in overnight. No more little baby for me.

My scan on Monday morning showed a 'collapsed sac' and on the notes, they wrote 'blighted ovum'. From what has been said, my pregnancy stopped progressing quite early, it's still hard though.

I opted for a D&C as I felt it was easier than waiting for things to happen naturally and I was in some pain with cramping etc.
It was my 1st pregnancy and we can now only look forward to TTC in the Spring again. My family, husband and friends have all been so supportive, so I'm very lucky.

Thank you all so much for all your kind words and concerns and I really wish you all the very best with your pregnancies xxxxxxxx

I'll be back soon. Merry Christmas xxxxx
I really am so very sorry - i cannot imagine what you have been through. For what it's worth I think you have been very brave. Good luck TTC ing the spring and try to enjoy xmas with your OH, you really need each other at times like these

sending massive hugs ((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))

merry christmas to you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ooooh Hannan, I'm so so sorry to hear your news.

That's devastating. My thoughts are with you and your Husband and family.

Take things easy and we'll speak to you soon.

:cry: Ohhhhh I am sooooo sooooooo sorry Hannan.
We have all been thinking of you, what devastating news........

DH & I are thinking of you and your DH and your family.
I had a m/c in August this year and opted for a D&C. I was 10wks +6 days, so I know what your going through, although I know it's individual for each of us and it won't matter what anyone says... we are all here for you babe everyone on here is great so when you feel up to it and you want a chat................... (You can PM me if you like)

Merry Christmas Hun and lets hoping 2006 brings us all good things.
Good Luck TTC.
(((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lots of Love
Hannan I am so so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your DH. The 2 of you need each other so much now! hope you recieve all the support and love you need at the moment from each other and your families. Take it easy. Really feel for you both.


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