I dont know what stuff i need to buy :(

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by scaredbuthappy, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. scaredbuthappy

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    Oct 27, 2007
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    Can anyone tell me what baby things to buy because im confused about cots and stuff. We have a baby room which the proper cot will go in but what does the baby sleep in in the first few months because ive heard usually the baby sleeps in your room at the beginning in like a basket or something? Im really confused or do you just buy one proper cot and have that in your room and then move it into the baby's room after a few months? But then the baby would seem too small for a proper cot.
    Does it just sleep in a basket on the floor at the beginning and if so how long for? But then that seems a bit strange just putting the baby on the floor. Or does it have a cot but not a proper cot more like a cradle or something? :wall:
    Sorry ive just seen so many different things in shops and i dont understand.
    Also when you buy a baby car seat do you leave it in the car (the seat not the baby :wink: ) or are baby car seats usually seats but also carry around things aswell like them things with the handles that you carry the baby out of hospital in?
    Sorry for sounding so silly just not sure on anything :roll: xx
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    May 18, 2007
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    You can put the baby in the cot right from the start if you wish but I personally will be getting a moses basket as they're more convenient. You can buy a folding stand for them, for about £15 so they're not on the floor.
    I like moses baskets cos it's easy to move them around the house. I like to have the baby in the same room as me for the first few weeks and it allows you to do that. Most babies outgrow them around 3 months or so, so don't go spending loads of money on them, you can buy cheap one's for around £25 in mothercare and toys r us.

    You can also buy swinging cribs which last until baby is around 6 months but these are more expensive than moses baskets and not very portable. They have an advantage over cots of being smaller. Some people (me included) don't have enough room in their bedroom for a cot.

    Most first stage carseats (which face rearwards and and last till baby is around 9 months) are designed so you can carry baby around with you outside the car. Some also fix onto the pushchair to form a travel system. You can also put them in the trolley when you go food shopping so very handy.
    Carseats for older babies stay in the cars.

    You'll find a list of things you might need in the mothercare and toys r us catalogues. They do contain a lot of stuff that is more luxury than essential but it will give you an idea :D
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    I don't know what you mean about car seats, but with Ryan he slept in a moses basket for the first 4 weeks (on a stand), then we put his moses basket in his cot (obviously not on the stand) until he was about 8 weeks, and then we swaddled him and put him straight into his cot. Now we put him into his cot with the blankets, unswaddled and tucked in. Hope that helps?

  4. bobtheunfortunateone

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    so many things to consider :hug:

    We got a cot bed, (a bit bigger but changes into a bed later)

    The first 6 months it is recommended that they sleep in your room in cot or moses basket, but to be honest if you put them in a basket you then have to get them used to the cot. This time we are putting baby straight into cot. If it is a wriggly baby then you can get things to fit in the cot to make it smaller. But yes they need to be in your room.

    If you have a moses basket then you will also need a stand, so they are off the floor.

    Also keep the cot/basket away from radiators or from under windows, because the room temp is different.

    Car seat it is your choice, you can get ones that you can leave in the car, some have bases that you can carry the seat and baby out and then there are ones that click in the car base and on your buggy.

    So many choices, but they are all up to you.! :cry:

    We have gone for staight into cot bed and a car seat that clips on buggy with our second baby, easy life!

    Good luck :hug:
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    Usually a baby goes in a moses basket for the first couple of months in your room. This is much smaller than a cot (and is actually like a basket) and fits onto a stand so it will be around the same height as your bed.
    The official government guidelines say the baby should stay in your room for 6 months. Most people seem to move the baby out and into their cot before this, but that is your choice - I moved my daughter at around 16 weeks, as she was sleeping through the night and seemed ready for it.

    The car seats vary. I had one where you fitted a base unit into the car, and then the seat clips in and out of it. When Charlotte was newborn, we tended to carry her around in the car seat if we were out and about, and say transporting her from the car into the house as she was usually asleep. Now, I tend to leave the seat in the car and just pop her in and out - she is too heavy to carry around in it now.

    You can get travel systems where the car seat lifts of the car and onto the same wheel base as the pram fits onto, so say if you are going shopping in the car, you take the car seat out and attach to the base. These are very popular, but babies shouldn't be in a car seat for more than 2 hours, so you need to bear this in mind.

    I know it is really daunting trying to prepare, but if you get hold of one the baby magazines from Boots or Mothercare, they have good lists in the back of all the basic things you might need. Before you spend any serious money on say a pram or travel system, think about what you will actually need. I live very close to the shops and generally walk everywhere I need to go, so I got a traditional pram which is great for walking, but heavy to transport. If I had needed to use the car more, I would have got something lighter and easier to transport.

    Hope this is of some help

    All the best

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