I can't stop sleeping!!!


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Jan 22, 2005
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I am not a "tired" type of person, I usually have loads of energy. BUT since I have found out I carrying a little sesame seed, and a little before, I can't stop sleeping! I am on school hols at the moment (we are both teachers) and I am getting up very early (for me) at about 8 every morning. DH can't understand why I am not having a lie in! I am like a button in the mornings and then exhausted in the afternoons - I can literally feel my eyes closing! I have just woken from a 2 hour sleeping marathon. DH is being really good around the house - doing everything. I feel sooooooo lazy. Can't wait for the "danger zone" to be over.....
I feel the same, mixed with the constant sickly feeling it really gets you down! My husband is also being very good and doing loads of stuff around the house but I feel generally run down and not too well at all.

Like you, I can't wait for this period to be over. We will get there in the end and them maybe even look back on this time and smile :? ......maybe.
I was like this is the 1st weeks, in fact I think I got back to normal at 14weeks. I would get up go to work come home at 5 sleep until 7, because I would have litterally fallen alseep standing up. And could quite easily go back to bed at 10! Dont worry it will pass just the hormones!
Me too!! My worst time is about 3pm in the afternoon, just can't keep my eyes open!!
I still get this a bit but not as bad.

My biggest problem with the tiredness was driving home from work and then being totally off my food when I got in because I was so tired.

Pre-pregnant I could always polish off a huge evening meal, but most evenings in the first trimester I would just push my food around the plate and leave most of it.

The only good thing about this is that I haven't put on too much weight, so every cloud has a silver lining.

I am just past 14 weeks now and not as tired but still looking for my bed at 9pm and sleeping right through! :eek:
I was massively tired pretty much from when I found out I was pregnant, right through to approx 13 weeks. Though it did improve from about 10 weeks. I had to have a sleep every day, mid afternoon to early evening.

My first trimester was hell, can remember thinking 'I can't do this, it's bloody awful!!' It seemed never ending! But now I feel 10000 times better, so don't worry, we'll all go through it unfortunately :roll: :D
I was the same, the only thing I wanted to do sleep and now nearly 17 weeks I am the opposite, having big, big problems sleeping. Takes ages to go to sleep and keep waking up all through the night. Pregnancy is strange! lol
yep i was the same aswell, bright as a button in the mornin was up at the crack of dawn, and couldnt survive without my afternoon nap, i was ired all the time jus wanted to sleep, lounge around and sleep a bit more. Now it aint to bad, im pretty much back to normal now, feel a biit tired in the afternoon, but dnt have to sleep ne more thro the day.

bec x x x
Hiya girls, your sleepyness is completly normal in the first trimester, your body is suddenly doing a lot of extra work, and your heart is doing a lot more work pumping the extra blood around your body, If you feel you need to sleep, dont feel guilty, go for it! you will be thankfull for it later on as it all swaps round! Im now lucky to get 5 hours sleep a night, not just from being uncomfortable and needing to wee but my eyes just open really earlu and then thats it Im far to awake to get back to sleep and end up figiting till OH wakes up!
If the tiredness is getting to you try to eat plently of slow release sugars by eating thinks like fruit and veg and whole grains, this should help keep your energy levels up. Just snacking on refined sugars like chocolate may perk you up briefly but will quickly make you even more tired as the sugar wears off. So avoid suggery drinks and processed foods.
Is it normal in 2nd trimester? I have a nap in an afternoon if I can fit one in, even now at nearly 17 weeks!!
I was as bad as you early on Julia - really tiered but awake early. It did wear off for a while at about 13 weeks but I have gone back to wanting a nap again during the afternoon if I can fit it in. Trying not to as I still find it hard to settle at night and napping makes it worse but it is normal hun. xx

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