I can't be showing already, can I?


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi girls

I am nearly six weeks pregnant. Is it possible to be showing already? I have a real little pot that I can't hold in! I can no longer comfortably get into my jeans - hurts my belly! I am a size 10 - 12 and have always had a fairly flat stomach. I feel quite bloated which may be the contributing factor. Most people say that they start to show at about 12 - 13 weeks. I feel really silly to be showing now! My hubby thinks it is lovely and is very pleased with himself!!!!! Any ideas??????

I am absolutely terrified of having my first scan and having bad news? Can you put my mind at rest about this? Are there any symptoms, if itg happens? What are the odds? (terrified because of previous m/c)

Chuffed to beans that I have a little bun!!!! :lol:
Hey, i found that during the early stages, i suffered alot woith being bloated, and many times thouht that i was begining to get a bump, but it sorta came and went. I used to pretend it was ne way lol, instead of jus tellin everyone i was jus bloated. But now i have a real bump yahhh.

bec x x
I think at this stage your hormones are all over the place my belly change alot in the first few weeks then really started to appear properly at 12 weeks onwards, it could be a bit of water retention and bloating and it might go down a bit but if not and no one knows you pg pretend you've been over eating and need to go on a diet!
Thanks Girls!

It is me and my DH's secret!!!! (My mum and dad know - could never not tell them!) Oh well, I will just have to go with it.....I have a very good reason for putting on weight!! Just hope it comes off as quickly!!!

Thanks for replying!!

I get this too! I am 10 weeks now and for a while I have been struggling to get in to most of my clothes. Some days I feel like I look about 4 months pregnant and then I get up the next morning and it is flatter. Sometimes I feel uncomfortably bloated. I know how you feel,

Look after yourself,

I suffered terribly from bloating right at the start aswell. Don't worry in a few weeks time your real baby belly will show through, for now it's practice at your clothes being too tight and uncomfortable :lol:
I was very bloated in the early days.

I had people saying I was showing at 4-5 weeks and it was really infuriating me because I knew it couldn't be possible. In the mornings my tummy would be virtually flat so I knew I wasn't really showing.

However my bump is very definite now. It started being a proper bump at about 13 weeks.
Hi Julia

I was also very bloated early on - couldn't fit into my own jeans from around 7 weeks onwards, which was very depressing as I was still too small to be in maternity clothes, so just had to wear normal trousers with the button undone!!!

Hubbie thought I was showing at around 12-13 weeks (though no-one else would have known) and then more people started to comment at around 16-17 weeks (though still only people who knew I was pregnant). The real bump I think came at around 22 weeks when people I'd never met started asking me if I was pregnant. I used to be a size 8-10. Now at 29 weeks I feel HUGE!!!

It all happens so fast though - make sure you start taking photos regulalry - it's amazing to compare them. I didn't take one until I was 15 weeks so don't have a record of what I used to look like, and I'm really regretting not doing it now!

I'm getting the DH to take a photo of me every two weeks. I am looking forward to getting them developed and compare them all!

I made sure the date on my camera is correct so when they get printed they will have the correct date on the back.

I know people love digital cameras but I'm quite excited by my old fashioned photos.

Might get my mum to do a digital photo this weekend and post it on here!
Sarah! I have just noticed at the bottom of your message it says you got pregnant on your honey moon. Thats what happened to us!! Actually we think we didn't even make it to the honey moon, we reckon it was the wedding night :oops:
Hi, i am only 8 weeks preganant and am showing already dispite this being my first baby! I have a little bump which isn't just bloating and had one person guess i'm Pg already, i'm gonna be huge!!! I have started wearing maternity clothes already. I am normally a size 10/12 and my jeans dont nearly fit! :shock: i'm giving life to an elephant!

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