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  1. Candygirl

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    Jul 19, 2007
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    One of the girls in my antenatal class said she has been reading the Hypnobirthing book and its really good.

    Is anyone else into this and what do you reckon? Is it a load of bo*lo*s or does it actually work?

    Would also be good to hear feedback from mums who put it into practice while giving birth....
  2. Natural mamma

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    i have never read the book......but can advocate that going into a trance like state has definitely happened to me twice in labour and it helped enormously...i didn't even experience the ring of fire til my third birth as a result...it would seem there is something in teaching yourself the techniques to do it...if it doesn't happen naturally. Which to be fair in hospital with lots of distractions around you it is unlikely to happen on its own ....so learning some techniques would be of value
    Abi (fifth one on the way) :wave:
  3. Happybunny

    Happybunny Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2006
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    I am having a hypnobirth :cheer:
    I did the course in December and I can't recommend it highly enough.
    It has made me feel very calm about the whole birthing process. I am a complete coward and was gunning for an elective C-section or as much drugs as I could get....but now I feel confident to try a completely natural birth, without an epidural.

    Hypnotherapy is all about getting yourself into a state of very deep relaxation, to work with your body rather than against it. My OH was very sceptical, but he was very impressed at how quickly I can become very very relaxed. OH and I try to practice relaxing as much as possible, we listen to a special CD and OH strokes my arm whilst I relax (Touch from your partner is an important part of it.)
    You learn a whole new vocabulary about birthing to create a positive mindset. (for example: you say 'birthing or giving birth' instead of 'labour' because that creates a negative mind set about it being very hard)
    You do not push in a hypnobirth. You breath during surges (contractions) and your body delivers without straining.
    We saw lots of DVDs of women giving birth through hypnobirthing. They were all so calm and positive. There was no pushing, crying or screaming.
    It is pricey, we paid £250 for a two day course. We got a book and CD and lots of literature and we are going back for another session in February to make sure we are are on track with everything.
    I felt confident paying that money as I have recieved hypnotherapy for something else previously and it was highly effective. Hypnotherapy works differently for different people, maybe you could ask for a taster session to see if it really is for you.
  4. Angelblue

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    Jun 11, 2007
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    I bought the effective birth prep cd from Natal Hypnotherpy and have been listening to it a few times a week,The breathing and relaxation techniques are great. It is for use specifically with hospital births (there is a seperate home birth one), now whether it is a coincidence or not, when I had to go into hospital for the day last week, I was really really relaxed (I hate hospital normally!!) and my BP was as low as when I went for my booking appointment :think: :think:

    Only time and labour will tell if it truly has worked!
  5. LucyBee

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    Jun 4, 2005
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    I did a hypnobirthing course and read the book.
    Absolutely brilliant. Could not recommend it more highly.
    I ended up having a c-section but still used the techniques and still use them now if I'm stressed.
    Also great for bonding with your baby in the womb.
    Really recommend it. Lucyx

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