Husband having severe panic attacks

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    I have 2 daughters (ages 5 and 3). I recently found out I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I always wanted a 3rd but my husband always said he wasn't ready for another yet. However, he always seemed to hint that he would maybe want another in the future. He would have me save baby items and even put the crib in the attic "just in case." We weren't trying to get pregnant and unfortunately assumed we were in a safe window right after my period. I ovulated almost a week early. Since I told my husband I am pregnant he has been extremely distant. I gave him his space and figured he just needed some time to process it all. He did this with my first 2 somewhat and eventually came around. Last night when we went to bed my husband began hyperventilating and uncontrollably crying. He was shaking so bad. I tried talking to him and he admitted that he "does not want this" and "nothing about it feels right." He said nothing will work anymore (we have a 3 bedroom home and my 2 girls share a bedroom and the other bedroom is very tiny and is their playroom. We have a fishing camp and will no longer be able to fit everything in our car including our dog if we have to put another car seat. My mother-in-law helps bring the kids to school and will not have room for a car seat.) I tried explaining that we will figure out solutions and do not have to face it all at once. He said he does not want to do it all again. He worries about losing sleep, not having time for us again, it effecting our 2 girls, not retiring when he wants, finances...etc. He is literally worrying about every possible thing imaginable all at once. He said he will not go to my first appointment "because he does not want this." He said he won't tell me what to do but if he were me he would not have it. He knows I couldn't do that. I feel so alone in this and he doesn't want me to tell anyone. I know this is definitely my last pregnancy so I want to badly to cherish it, but I am beyond devastated at the way my husband is reacting. I have never seen him like this before and he is refusing to get help or talk to anyone. I am worried this is all too much for him to handle and I don't know how to fix it. Has anyone else ever dealt with this sort of situation?
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