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Apr 24, 2005
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Ella is really hungry at the moment. Over the past 24 hours I've expressed at least 35oz milk, she's been on the breast several times and last night I had to top her up with a bit of formula (which I hated doing but she'd had every last drop from me).

She's hungriest early to late evening which is when my milk supply is at its crappiest. Plus I've got mastitis again.

Really struggling to keep up with her at the moment!! :cry:
Hi Rosieroo...
I'm having the same scenario at the moment. Was quite worried, but found this website that's got some brilliant info. Check the question section at the bottom for more info on certain concerns. I'm feeding every 1.5 - 2 hours at the moment and suspect it's a growth spurt. Been lucky this time to have avoided mastitis so far. Horrible , hey - are you taking antibiotics?
Check out "Frequent Nursing" - it reassured me!!

Hope things get better very soon for you!
Big hugs
Emilia xx
Hi Emilia, glad I'm not the only one, but it's horrible isn't it? I feel really awful that I can't keep up with her, it upsets me!
It's just taken me 2 hours, 6.5oz of expressed milk and 30 minutes on the breast to partially settle her. What with this and the mastitis I am knackered!
I am on antibiotics, it's my 2nd course. She really doesn't seem to get on with them though and it gives her a bit of a bad tum and makes her a bit gripey.
Having a low day today!

I will check out that link now :)
Thanks for the link Emilia, Seren has been a right greedy guts today and has been feeding off me every hour. She is currently having a nap so my boobs are having a rest. It is really sore though at mo as she has oral thrush and it makes me itch and burn but what else can I do? Have got nipple shields but it is easier without them. All our babies are similar ages aren't they so perhaps it is a growth spurt. Hope the mastitis goes soon Rosieroo, I have got a red blotch on my boob which feels hot so am really hoping that it doesn't develop any worse. Aaargh she has just woken, off I go again x
Well last night was the worst night since we came home from hospital. She was up every 2 hours for a feed until 4am, then she slept til about 7.30am. I'm trying to keep her more on the boob than expressing all the time as I think it encourages my milk more than the expressing, so I will just have to get through this time.
i've all but stopped breast feeding, megan would feed from both of my breast's then still be hungry. she's now on sma white for hungrier babies. i still breast feed her when she waes in the night as i can't be bothered to go down stair's to warm bottles :lol: I think it was down to the fact i had sickness and diorrea when she was 1st born I was so ill i couldn't feed her that well and had to give her formula my milk supply never really got established properly

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