How much do scans cost?


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May 13, 2005
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I am coming to visit my family next week and while I am there I really would like to have a scan just to see everything is alright.

Is it possible just to phone up my doctors in the UK and book one?

Hopefully it won't cost too much but it is something that really will put my mind at rest.
My 20 week anomoly scan cost £190 but that was with 3D images/DVD too.

A 20 week scan on it's own costs around £150
I don't think the doctors will let you book one on the nhs if you don't live here.
I am having the 4D scan when I get back here to Canada which is only $130 at around 29 weeks.

I don't mind paying, but all I want is a normal scan to see if everything is ok as I just worry too much, and it will be money well spent but £150 just for this does seem a little expensive for me.

I think in the US they just have the scan machines in the malls don't they?
Do they? I have no idea....sounds great though!

You could try ringing your doctor's anyway... you never know, they might let you. Do you not get a 20 week scan in Canada then?
I had it at 18 weeks and that is the last one, I can't even pay as I was told it was illegal to for another one. I have a friend in Germany and he said they have them every 4 weeks and I only had 2, 1 at 12 weeks and like I said one at 18 weeks

But I am a nervous flyer and will just feel happier to know once I got there everything is ok, maybe it sounds a little like paranoia but it will put my mind at rest.

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