How many weeks before you started wearing maternity clothes?


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Aug 13, 2005
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Just wondering if my tummy is growing or I have been indulging in too many bars of choc in the last week or so. Have been away for a few days and found my favourite jeans really tight, so much so that they were digging into me - last week they fitted perfectly. Anybody else similar? Thinking of just getting a bigger size for now - what do you think??
Tell me about it i can't fit into any of my trousers!! :cry: I am gonna buy some nice cosy joggy bottoms to lounge about in :D xx
Hi Dippy..

Glad you had a lovely time in NY.. bit cold though I expect this time of year!! I remember when I lived there the snow drifts would block the roads and the corners of streets would be like snowy mountain slopes!!

As for maternity gear.. I too suffered from tight waist syndrome [you will see many older threads on here where Tankett and I [and others!] moaned about our waistlines disappearing very early on!! I just wore jeans and trousers a size bigger until I really could not do up the buttons on anything I owned so purchased some maternity gear a few weeks ago.. would have been around 14 / 15 weeks I think.

Welcome to the world of not so glamorous early pregnancy.. say goodbye to your waistline for a while :wink: :wink:

I had the same questions Dippy. If you look at this post from me, I wasn't 8 weeks yet when I had to get maternity clothes.

Don't hang about girl, if you need them, get them. I also found they really helped with the nausea as they didn't press on my tummy. Honestly, don't hang around, go and buy them now.
i bought my first maternity clothes at 8 weeks as i normally size 8 and all my stuff looked and felt horrible!!!!! i think it a waist of monet to buy the next size up as it will be a matter of weeks before they will not fit aswell!!!!!

sarah x
I agree with Sarah and Tankett.. just buy some mat clothes now so you can get excited and look great at the same time!! Fortunately for me I have a huge variety of sizes in my wardrobe as I was a bit larger a couple of years ago and kept my size 14 stuff just in case...!

So far bought lots of jeans and combats for slouching at weekends.. next is great for maternity I think and sizes are normal.... now I am waiting for Spring to properly arrive then I will be buying fun summery maternity stuff by the bucket load!!

happy shopping Dippy.. so thrilled for you :wink:

I didnt buy maternity till around 3 months cuz i didnt wanna face the fact that i was growing so quick, till then i just wore stretchy pants and stretchy skirts ect.
Hiya ..

I was 5/6 weeks ... my size 8 waist went out of the window at about 5 weeks and my clothes didn't fit!! So buy away LOL!!
Hi there thought i'd eaten too many chocolate bars too - but my jeans are really tight - by my calculations im due around 10th nov. Im dur to go to the hospital in around 14 days to get my date.
Im so excited but at the same time worried as this is my first baby and don't relly know what symptoms i should be getting.
i was out of my normal clothes by about 6/7 weeks they were just too uncomfortable on my belly so wore joggers for a few weeks then in vested in some maternity wear at about 14/15 weeks xxxx
Hey Laura how come your going to your hospital in 14 days to get a date?? Your due a day after me :)
Thanks for your replies guys, my first day back at work today after a few days away, and felt like I looked so bloated!! Found a pair of pants that felt quite comfy, so will hold out for as long as I can. Got a load of maternity clothes from my sister who was pregnant last year so will have a root through those at the weekend, think that's the end of wearing my 'normal' jeans for now though!! OH joked that there might be more than 1 in the tummy:shock:
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I am a size 10-12 and I am starting to have troubles with my trousers already!
well i am only like four weeks pregnant, i only found out yesterday,, and already my tummy seems to be getting harder. i can't wait to bloom and get some maternity clothes :D
Hi Girls.... I found my jeans to tight straight away!!! well they was a LITTLE tight before I was preggers!!! haha

So I bought this ... EAod0gSJfA .... and I am still wearing it now with my jeans and some work trousers, that way all you need to get is longer maternity tops. xxxxxxx
hi im 12 weeks 4 days and i am in maternity gear already ....just the pants ! top shop do some lovely jeans but at £40 but they are lovely my ideal shop would of been mothercare but all sold out!

Hey There

My clothes are getting too tight for me now also!

Couldn't actually fit into a pair the other day! Think I will have to go shopping for some mat clothes sooner rather than later. :D
I was in maternity jeans/trousers from 12/13 weeks......but only a few weeks ago have i had to buy maternity tops, as my bump seems to poke out from the bottom of my normal ones, and some are far to tight.

Like some of the others have said i highly recommend next maternity wear....their stuff is great!!!

Amy xx
I'm 11 weeks and huge lol. Ive been wearing maternity clothes since i was 8 weeks.

I dont know if it just shows more on me because i was only a size 6 before pregnancy but honestly i look like i ate a basket ball!
get you bump pic on the forum then melanie.... love seeing everyones bumps .... (very nosey!! hehe) xxxxxxxx

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