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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Rosieroo, Jan 10, 2006.

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    As my nips have been very sore, I have been giving them a bit of a rest by expressing a lot of Ella's feeds today. I have still put her on the right nipple as it's not as sore (just sandpapery sore iykwim), but I've also expressed off of there aswell. My left nip has a crack at the left side of the base that I can't imagine healing as it splits again every time it gets erect or is fed/expressed upon.

    I've got Tommee Tippee nuby teats which are a lot smaller, and she's still latching on fine when I do put her on, but I wonder if I'm giving her too many expressed feeds? Do you ladies ever express most of your feeds but still have comfort boobie feeds? It's just that I like seeing what she's taking in, especially for her nighttime feed, but I do feel guilty for not feeding her off the boob all the time. My left nipple is just too sore at the moment and she doesn't feed well with a shield on (she doesn't take nearly as much food).
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    I'd say if she is happy with both then carry on as you are hun. Don't feel guilty about not breast feeding - if it's sore then I don't blame you.

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