How mad am I??


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May 27, 2005
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Just finished decorating our room 1 month ago- magnolia and mocha. Woke up yesterday hating it, now my OH and mum are upstairs painting the room pink, and glossing again. OH isn't best pleased with there only being 1 week to go. Getting rid of the laminate flooring too, ordered a carpet.

My line of defence for the pink (eventhough it's my fave colour) is that when our little girl arrives she will be in the room with us for the fist 6 months of her life!

Am I mad changing my mind at this late stage or has anyone else done something similar?

my bedroom is 19ft by 12ft-they were up there all yesterday and will be up there all day today giving second coats, leaving me to chat on here! xx
Totally with you on this one!!

I had my names for baby sorted out months ago and then this week I decided I didn't like the boys name we had settled on so we are now back to the drawing board trying to find one!!

I just hope that these mad hormonal decisions we make are the right ones and in a few weeks time you don't decide you prefered the cream and mocha and I don't decide I prefered the original name!!

Changing our minds is and always will be a womans perogative!!
You are totally within your rights to change your mind.

The DH will just have to suffer it! :lol: :lol:
haha your post made me laugh! pregnant women are funny aren't they :D
my flat is the most disorganised it has been for a long time because we are having lots of work done. It's funny how you give yourself a deadline for decorating isn't it!! :D it's as if the queen is coming to visit.

Everyone's partners must just be decorating away thinking 'i'm sick of this' hahaha. My DH is scraping wallpaper in the living room as i'm typing this. I did offer to help but i'm not allowed!
LOL....yep your mad!!! But if it aint right, it aint right!!!
Lucky you Toriella, i stripped the whole of lounge/dinning room a while back, and have painted most of it (no fumes) i guess i shouldnt have, but couldnt wait!!!
My OH is defo sick of decorating, and he has even had to knock rooms thu so its better for baby!!!!

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