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Apr 14, 2005
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Hi'ya ladies. Just wondering how long it was for u girls, to get bcp out of your system and for your af's to start getting back to normal before getting pg. So far I have been off the bcp since Feb and only had 2 real af's. I'm currently on CD64 with this one. I've tested and definately not pg. Baby dust to all.
Hi Shez

I came off the bcp at the end of Feb and am currently waiting for my 2nd AF. First cycle was 45 days and I'm on CD 35 of this one. I was hoping my cycles might have settled down this month because I didn't have any of the side effects I'd experienced last month (bad bloating, terrible mood swings, cramping and back ache).

Hopefully our cycles will return to normal soon

Hi Shez

My first cycle was 52 days. then I had 40+ cycles but am now regularly having 33 day cycles. I would say that for the first 6 months they were really irregular and long!!

Hi Guys,

Just to give you some hope - I came off the pill beginning of Oct and the first two cycles were around 30 days then it all went to pot! I was then having AF every six weeks and a couple of months I had mid cycle spotting/bleeding at 3 weeks. But - if you are TTC the best advice I can give is invest in a fertility monitor. I bought the Clear Plan Easy for £45 off Ebay and the very first month we used it we hit the jackpot! I am now nearly 5 weeks pregnant and still in shock! The problem with the pill is it sends everything crazy and you have no idea when you are ovulating so timing the BD is very tricky. The fertility monitor is a really useful tool to pinpoint those all important fertile days and with a husband that works away 2 nights a week it was essential in getting the timing right.

So - good luck to you all and get out there and make that purchase - it worked for me after 8 months of trying and no joy.

Babydust to you all.

I am considering using the Calista ov kits which have been recommended to see if that tells me if i am actually ov - hoping to get one next week.

Thanks for advice though.
I am not wanting to rub in the fact that i am pregant i was just wanting to lend a hand i went on pronatal tablets that you can get from pretty much everywhere i was trying for 2 months (after i had a miscarrige in feb :cry: ) with the aid of these tablets and got pregnant staright away the time before when i lost my baby i tryed for 7 months !! and what is also good about these tablets you can take them all the way through your pregnancy right through to breastfeeding!! it has got heap loads of vitamins in and folic acid it really does have everything you need!! i really hope it works for you girls

Good Luck

Loadza Luv

L :D
I also conceived the next month after I started taking them so they must work!!
Sorry to spoil it but I have been taking them for the last three months and still no BFP!!!!

Mind you, I now have to have an operation so its a blessing really, I obviously wasn't meant to be pregnant just yet.......hopefully once we TTC again in a month or so it will happen then because its meant to!!
I am really sorry to hear that i only mentioned it as my boyfriend didnt even think that he could have children, he was with his ex 2 years and they hadnt used protection because as i said he didnt think he could have kids and nothing happened with me twice in a year i have been pregnant by him. i really do hope that it works for you.

L :D
I have been on prenatal vitamins since January myself. Still no BFP yet, but when I do get it I will have it already in my system and hopefully a healthy pregnancy/baby.

Thats why i think things are ok for me this time, i feel totally different this time (compared to when i lost my baby) i really hope things work out for you bab, the tablet will deffinatly help though i am sure....
Baby Dust


I have also been taking vitamins since ttc. I still haven't seen anything of af now on CD78. i have also started taking Agnus Castus to try and regulate my af and hopefully it will come shortly.

Hi all,
I have been taking prenatal vitamins faithfully for nearly a year and no BFP for me. Of course, part of that time I was trying to get rid of cysts. For those who m/c often I have heard that the folic acid does wonders to keep you from m/c.
I'm worried that i have a cyst. I am still waiting for af now on CD79 and have very strong cramping feeling mainly around my right ovary even though it sometimes moves to the other side as well. Sometimes i have to double up as it is so bad but it generally doesn't last for long. I have also had some slight brown discharge (sorry tmi) - thought it was af coming but nothing since. I have also been quite irritable/tearful (burst into tears making the bed yesterday) - are these symptoms of af/pg/cysts??

Baby dust to all
Hi Shez,

I wouldnt worry to mich as all the sysptoms you are saying about i had too when i came off the pill, its just your body adjusting to the different levels of hormones.

Give your body a while to get back to normal and i bet you'll be PG before you know it!!!

thanks duckies. Much appreciated. I had some bleeding this morning and its carried on all day but it is only there when i wipe when i go to the loo, nothing on pantyliner afterwards. I have been cramping again today. I'm hoping its either implantation bleed or af is finally on its way - then i can get back to charting again.

Will keep you informed.

Take care
I have had lots of cyst in the past. For me, the dead ringer symptom was pain during sex. The symptoms you are having sound alot like cysts. Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear.
Hi'ya Well af arrived this morning - full force!! At least that explains all the cramps and the spotting yesterday. It was really heavy and painful this morning but seems to have trickled off to only light this afternoon. At least i know now that bcp is all to blame and that its just taken a long time to settle down afterwards. Hopefully the next cycle will be much better (unless i get pg in meantime). I am going to carry on taking AC as i do believe that they have something to do with it. At least it might have kick started things even though it took a fortnight to do so.

Thanks for the support.

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