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Feb 1, 2005
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I just wondered how long all of you have been TTC?

We started in the New Year with no luck so far. Tried with ex for 18 months a few years back (again no joy), so feeling a bit down about it. :(

AF is due in the next couple of days and I have PMT which isn't helping! :shock: Do you find your PMT is different each month? Some months it's just the back ache and tummy ache and then other months it's paranoia and psycho bitch tendencies. Think it's the later this month for me....poor old b/f :lol:
Hi Helen,

We have only started trying about 3 months ago (longest 3 months of my life!!) so I guess we've got a long way to go.

My pmt really varies from month to month. Some months i'm fine with no symptoms other than sore boobs, other months I want to cry all the time or beat the living daylights out of something!! My pain is different each month too. Last month I was in so much pain my DH went out to buy a hot water bottle (he got some v.strange looks for that as it was about 28 degrees outside!) and strong pain killers. Luckily most months it's just a dull tummy ache & sore boobs, but in the last 4-5 months i've been getting bad headaches to go with it. I wish I was a man sometimes!! :lol:

Nicki. :D
I've only been ttc for four months now and like Niki finding it frustrating so I can imagine how you feel after seven months. It's interesting that you say that your periods are different each month. Mine is the same too. And I had very normal regular periods before that. It's possible that our eggs are fusing with the sperm but the fertilised egg gets rejected. That's what I'm assuming as I've gone from normal periods to really heavy clotty periods to hardly anything since i started. It's going to work for us soon though. We have to be positive.
Take care both.

Been trying to conceive for 3 months now, due to ovulate in the next 2-3 days! Really excited!
I've just thought that blokes get it easy really, loads more s*x which they can't complain about and there not the ones who have to look a prat by putting their legs in the air and contracting pelvic muscles in the hope that one of the little ones will swim in the right direction!

As for the periods, my moods vary from a bit stroppy to very stroppy, but before trying to conceive i had very heavy painful periods but since ttc i have had 2 less painful and heavy ones the last being quite well pleasant, as pleasant as that sort of thing can be! lol

So even though it's been disapointing not getting a bfp its quite nice that my body is being a little nice to me!

Well huge bagfuls of baby dust to you all.



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