how long did you bleed for?

Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by catswiskers, Jun 7, 2016.

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    I had my mc a week ago at 12 weeks and was told I would bleed for around 3 weeks but I've not bled at all in the last 2 days. The baby came out in the early hours of last Tuesday and as soon as it came out the pain stopped and the bleeding was extremely light and only lasted 5 days. Does that sound about right?
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    I've had two mcs at around the same gestation as each other and they were very different. The first I bled a lot heavier and a lot longer than the second. I don't think there is a 'normal'.

    Are you getting further scans and blood tests to confirm that the mc is complete? I had scans and bloods with my first but didn't with my second as I was sure it was over. I did have scans a month after my second when we started fertility treatment and they showed everything was fine.
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    I miscarried at 13 weeks -on 7/5. I initially bled very heavily, was having to change pads every two hours or so. That went on for about 7 days. After that, I had general light bleeding and spotting. Think mine lasted about two weeks? Something like that.
    I was also quite tender for a bit, but was able to have sex once bleeding stopped with no problems.

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