How early does the symptoms start?


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May 4, 2005
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Hi All!!

I'm looking for some advice really. My husband and I have been trying for a baby now for a couple of months. Unfortunetly we have had no such luck until now (well I'm hoping).
I am having some serious signs that I could be pregnant but the tests are still coming back negative as AF not due until 09/05. I have tried first responce tests but still nothing.
The symptoms I've been having are: perminatly tired, sick feeling (so bad I've been off work last 2days) breaking out spots on my face & back, slight sore breasts (especially the nipples).
Are any of these like what you've had? And would the signs start this early?

Hope to hear back from some of the experts!!
Sarah xx :p
Hi Sarah,

My first sympton was very tendered hard breasts which started about two weeks b4 my period was due, I have not suffered with sickness, but started to get very tired early on to. I also used a First Responce test 4 days and 2 days before i was due, but they both showed negative, I then got positive ones 6 and 7 days after i was late!

So it sounds like you do have some symptons, but you can really only be sure when you have a postive test result, best to wait until at least 1 day after you are due!

Hope all works out for you
Natalie x
Thanks Natalie!

I was really just wanting to know if the symtoms would start this early. I haven't actually been sick yet but just feel like I am going to at any second.
Just irratating having to wait to take a test. Do you know if a blood test at the doctors would show up any earlier?

Sarah xx
I dont know if it would or not, my docs only do a urine test and only if you are under 22! so I had to wait until i missed my period, but i dont know how it works where you live, anythings worth a shot!!!

Keep me informed

Thank you again for your reply. I think I'm just gonna wait another week til I test. Hopefully the sickness feeling wears off so that I can get back to work and take my mind off it.

Sarah xx

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