How does blw work?

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    Hi guys Owen is on jar food at the mo but his little teeth r really paining him!! Was wondering if I should do a bit of baby led weaning like carrots or something for him to a: try them and b: help his little teeth!! Any ideas welcome x

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    Blw is usually started from 6months, up until that point all jars and purees are skipped, and you basically feed lo what you eat. (i didnt do blw but helen123 has a great blog and is a bit of an expert)

    If youve started traditional weaning with purees, and want to do blw, you will have to stop giving owen the jars and pureed food. Also from whatbi have read, with blw, its not exactly about the lo physically eating as much as they would with purees etc but just getting used to different foods and flavours and textures.

    When my lo was owens age, he was the same, and i used to give him half of a farleys rusk to knaw on, i think it helped him as he was able to scratch his gums iykwim. I used to rub his gums with a damp muslin cloth, and i bought him a nuby teething ring, which he still uses now at 14 months!!!

    If you are happy enough with jars and purees i would carry on and maybe introduce finger foods gradually, i gave marley breadsticks, sandwiches, roasted sweet potato fingers etc erc, although he didnt eat much he played with it, gnawed a bit and i just carried on with jars and purres etc etc! I didnt feel confident enough to do blw as i was worried about weight gain etc but after reading all the ladies on here i will deffo consider it next time round!

    Hope that helps xxx
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