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Jul 15, 2008
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... if youre beeding form your bladder/kidneys or bleeding from your other bit?

It's not easy to tell is it? :think:

My mum was bleeding with a theatened m/c but it turned out she had a kidney infection, it took getting another doctor and a second opinion to pinpoint this. I just spoke to her there and she said she couldnt tell the difference and obviously the first doctor just assumed and couldnt tell the difference either.

they do say kidney infections/bladder infections are common in pregnancy and I've read that sometimes there are no other symptoms to indicate a problem, so I wonder how many worry that they are bleeding from one place when infact it is a kidney/urine infection?
Hollyhobby what time is your appointment?

Keeping everything crossed for you x
I'm not long back, and he says if the pain doesnt go away he'll organise a kidney scan, and I'm just to finish my anti biotics first.
I pointed out the bleeding has stopped since i took the tablets but the pain hasnt.

I'm well cheesed off though because the hospital hasnt sent my hcg blood test results back to my doctors so he cant confirm it yet :wall:
I told him I've had 2 blood tests, first being 32.6 and been to a and e nearly every night and have asked him to ring the hospital he's going to and i'm to ring tomorrow afternoon.

i really can't believe all this, this should be one really special week and it's turning into a nightmare. :(

My mum thinks the blood test confirmed a urine infection as she's never heard of hcg :wall: and she didnt know what my positive hpk tests ''meant'' :shakehead:

The only positive people about the outcome of this has been people I have never met in real life! You people in my computer!!! :hug:

First receptionist at a and e said i would test positive for 4- 6 weeks after bleeding (a receptionist!!) / First doctor at a and e said it was just my period / 2nd doctor was prepared to give me harmful pills on my say so / my gp said he would expect the lines to be darker on my home tests and that my level was 32.6 but that was just on sunday / my mum has gone from you've lost it to its just all been a urine infection / my husband has gone from being sure to not being when the hospital tests came back negative to being positive after the blood test / my cats are giving me dirty looks all the time

and i'm quietly confident that everything is going to be fine now :pray:
Oh hun I'm sorry I can't help but it must be so frustrating for you. :hug: I hope you get some answers soon :hug: :hug:
Well hopefully tomorrow I will have some good news to share, it cant come round quick enough, actually April can't come round quick enough!
Oh hun just wanted to give you lots of these :hug: :hug: :hug:

Must be so difficult when you are getting such mixed reactions from people, and all you want to know is what on earth is going on!!

Im keeping everything crossed for you, and so glad you are staying positive!!

Make sure you update us later!!!
Thanke ellie belle :hug:

I should know more very very very soon. I rang 11.30 this morning thinking this could almost count as 'ring on the afternoon' of course my doctor hadnt rang the hospital yet, so I was told to ring again at tea time, so I'm trying at 4.50.

I discovered some VERY good news yesterday though. So i've completely stopped bleeding now but i was trickling pee and it was looking just like the same pattern on the pad as the blood was! and whatsemore it felt the same, no control over it and not really that aware (don't I tell you all lovely things? :rotfl: )
Well today no trickling at all, and feel a bit better although still got some left hand sided burning, i did sleep better last night.
I have got a pain though in my left hand groin which is happening when i need a number 2 and when i pump! (I'm such a lady! :rotfl: )

So i think i might just need one more dose of anti biotics, maybe go for the kidney scan just to make sure everything is ok and mention this groin pain - and after that i might 100% better :dance:
Just rang and there was nothing on the computer.
My heart is going like the clappers!
Doctor is in surgery at the min. so she said she'd find out and ring me back. I hope I'm not going to have to wait till tomorrow.
Holly, did you not get any news from the doctor hun???
Im still keeping everything crossed :hug:
Hi, i did get the blood results and I was devasted, but before I tell you what they were the doctor said there's still definitly hope because blood results can remain stagnant for 2 days and can be +/- in variation and because I've got a urine infection it can affect hcg levels. Plus the second test was on anti biotics.

it was 32 so down .6 so my husband is running round with a urine test now to be sent to the labs.

But you know how I have been saying I can only show up on a 10mlu? well I did buy 2 digitals and it was negative before - just took another one and a nice + showed up - so i did a 10mlu one too and got a darker line again :pray:

here's my first test on anything hgher than a 10mlu

so after all this weeks bleeding, I now show up on a higher strength test, so I think this is a good sign.

I'm probably going to have to wait till Monday now for the urine lab results. :wall:
Lovely, they said to ring tomorrow at 2pm so they are really rushing them through!
Made an appointmet to see another doctor on tuesday morning as well, a lady one this time.
Its definitely looking good though....and great to hear you have a positive doctor too :D

Glad you got the results, even if they werent exactly what you were hoping for, but as the doctor said there is still hope!!!

I shall continue keeping everything crossed for you.....

Keep smiling :hug:
Thanks ellie, I think the signs are good,it's probably just a lazy baby like it's mum!
My husband doesn't do normal, i don't either so i don't know why the baby would do normal either :shock:
I'm full of confidence right now, having a look on ebay and trying to decide what theme I want to go for :)

I got a few of those little lumpy bumb things on my nips last night, my mum says she never got them thats how she couldnt breast feed, her bbs didnt change at all except got huge, so I doubt i'd be getting new symptoms if the levels had gone down myself.
Plus how many at my stage get their hcg levels checked? very few so how do they really know whats normal right now - I don't trust the hospital right now anyway so I'm going by my instinct for now.

bit of trivia for you, heddy lamarr the old actress idiscovered/ invented hcg! but she didnt patent it!!! :doh:
How are you doing? Have you had any news yet? I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are pregnant and your HCG levels have gone up. :pray:

Hi sarah they have gone up today but i am bemusing science it seems.
Going to move out of first-tri till they can figure whats going on, getting a scan on friday xxx
Wow, you sound so much calmer than I would be hun! Glad they're going to scan you but get them to keep testing your urine too in case. Have you got some new antibiotics for the kidney infection? They're nasty things, I had it last Easter and was so ill, I found a heat pad under my back where it hurt really helped and drinking incredible amounts of water. I suffer from a lot of cystitus and sometimes bleed- to see where the blood is coming from I stand up by the loo, put a wad of loo roll just by my urethra and pee onto that as if it's coming from there that's the clear way to find out. Usually it's kind of bright red rather than pinky but I think that's because when I bleed there it's because the acidic urine is opening old scars just inside (ouch!). When I had the kidney infection there was a lot of blood apparently even though to me it just looked like strong urine although some people end up peeing blood as you'd imagine so we're all different.

I hope you get the positive answer soon- the rising hcg levels must be a good thing? Sorry you've been so badly treated with this, there are so many holes in the first line GP service I think, I only got the kidney infection after my GP failed to believe that the antibiotics weren't working when I told her I felt worse (she'd never sent a sample off to find out which bacteria to fight so was stabbing in the dark with the choice of drug). Another GP since told me to stand my ground another time and be forceful but it's easier said than done.

Huge hugs
:hug: :hug: :hug:

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