how crap my hospital is


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May 19, 2005
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i really hate my hospital so i want to have a quick moan about it.

i was going to deliver in the midwife lead unit but coz Coby is on teh big side i have to go to the consultant hospital now.

phoned last night as you know to see it my waters had gone, and they told me to wait untill 11 this morning before i went in. phoned them back a bit later and had to beg to go in last night as i didnt want to wait that long to find out for sure.

another thing is, (not sure if its like this in your hospitals) but when you go in, even if your in labour, you have to go to the assement unit first, then they will deicde when to take you down to teh labour ward.

while i was in there last night, there were two ladies in, i could hear that they were in labour and one lady sounded very upset and in pain, they didnt give her anything!!

then i heard the midwife say she would examine her to see hoe far along she was, turns out the poor woman was 7cm!!

why hadnt she been taken down to the labour ward and made comfy way before then! i was so amazed and felt really sorry for her.

i know that when i do go in to labour i want my own room with bean bag, music, soft lights etc, not put on some unit with everyone walking in and out and people put on traces , laughing and joking etc

sorry, had to get this out, it made me so mad
Hey hun

Im sorry things didnt go well for you at the hospital and hopefully when you go in you have a better experience.
My hospital, im gonna be in a room with three others inlabour as they dont put you in your own room unless its covered by medical or you pay 130 dollers extra which we cant afford so hopefully my family can help us out with that one.
Hiya Layla,
How exciting, babys on the way down. Be vocal when you get to the hospital about your wants and not wants. I think they just asume they are in charge and can tell you what to do. I was so annoyed with my first labour that I want to have the next at home but as with you, if this is a big baby again then I will have to go into hospital.
Its not something we get to do a lot so it should be done the way we want. (excuse me while I jump down from me soapbox).
Heres wishing you a happy labour.

Hi Layla

I really feel for you having such a crap hospital, it was one of the things I was most scared of, but I couldn't have wished for a better experience as far as that was concerned.

Although I had a traumatic time and I don't even like thinking back on parts of it, all of the staff were both professional and friendly and I was extremely impressed. I was treated very well and all my wishes were adhered to without fuss or delay, and the hospital itself was more like a hotel, very welcoming.

So anyone ese who is due to give birth at Hull Womens & Childrens Hospital, don't worry about it at all it's lovely.

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