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    Hello Girls,
    You may remember me from several past posts, but now my attitude has changed (for the better). To let you know a little about me. I am 20 years old married to DH Mark since July 31, 2004. Rorie (daughter) is 19 months old. We have just bought our first house in Pennsylvania, USA. And I think we may be settled enough to be happy and begin TTC. I had a tubal/ miscarriage/ the doctors don't know what happened in June. All we know was that I WAS pregnant, and now I am not. Anyway, DH and I have tryed charting to see when ovulation would occur, but I am strange. My cycle is 23 days long. Short I is what is even stranger, my AF lasts for 4 days...Days 1 & 2, practically nothing... I don't even need a pantyliner. Day 3 watch out...crazy heavy, and then Day 4...nothing. This has happened for the 3 cycles I have had since the M/C. I have decided that I am NOT going to get excited about anything until it is definatley true. With Rorie, I found out I was pregnant and I was 17. I found out on June 11, and didn't see the DR.s until I was 13 weeks. Everything was soooo easy with my little Ro, and now everything seems to be difficult. I have kept up with the days that my DH and I have supposed to be doing "it", and now I am getting little sharp pains on both sides of my abdomen. I only have my right ovary...what does this sound like to you?? Crazy?

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