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Jan 15, 2007
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Me n OH are looking to book a long weekend on the southwest coastline but neither of us has been before. I was just wondering if anybody else has stayed in a hotel they liked and would like to recommend? we are not too fussed about exactly where we go, just as long as ts nice and there is a beach near by (and some other touristy stuff to do too). we plan to go be train too so that would be another consideration.

Thanks in advance
Have you thought about renting a cottage? You can get some amazing deals, short breaks and stuff. We're staying in a detached cottage next to the sea that sleeps 12 and that's only 460 for a week, so a small place would be MUCH less that that!

We normally go to Newquay or Pembrokeshire (Wales)
The Atlantic hotel or Headlands hotel in Newquay, Cornwall are both lovely and Newquay is really accesable by train. We stay at the Atlantic every year because my o/h's company take part in the run to the sun car festival at the end of May bank holidayand its always amazing! Very touristy there and loads of beaches, both hotels are right by Fistral Beach which is the most famous one.
St Ives is lovely, my friend got married there a couple of years ago and they had the reception and also stayed at the Porthminster Hotel. I stayed in one next door but I cant remember the name of it! The station is also just near the hotel.
Ooooh I love St Ives too, you are getting me all excited, think I might ring my o/h and see if we can extend our Newquay trip for a few days and travel round a bit.

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