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Dec 16, 2005
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Hi guys ...

Excuse me if this doesn't make sence crying so much i can hardly see so excuse the mistakes ....

Today i went for my tripple test and got reffered to an anti natel doctor, who in turn sent me down to A&E for emergancy treament for my chest ...

Had bloods done and everything has come back abnormal, or low ....

My ob's where not too good, and all i could hear was not improving not improving ...

I've been told to pack a bag on go to an emergancy clinic tomorrow to see the medical team, my consultant and the midwife ...

Im terrified and can't stop crying ... i had an ECG and so many other tests with no answers ....

Whats going on and am i going to lose my baby??? hopefully after being re-assesed tomorrow i can come home and be told everything is A ok! at the moment im just in shock,panic and complete limbo ...

Hopefully post you again tomorrow ... or later when i've calmed down a bit more ....

Oh hunny, i'm so sorry. They really should be teeling you whats going on, hopefully you'll get all the answers tomorrow, if they don't volunteer the info. make them tell you and ask all the questions you want.

I really hope everything is ok, i'm sure if it was really really serious they would've got you to stay in today and be tested for everything so I guess as they don't mind you going in tomorrow you aren't critical, if that makes sense :?

Let us know how you get on and i'll be thinking of you.

Take care hun.

Oh hun sorry you're having such a worrying time. I hope the tell you a bit more when you go back in. Let us know how you get on, I'm sure there is nothing major going on and it's all precautionary.

Good luck xxxx
Trying to rest but it's just not happening ... can't stop worrying!!!

Why have they booked me into an emergancy clinic if everything is ok?? Why was i hooked up to so many machines?? why do i have to tak a bag??

So many questions and no answers ... i've got a blinding headache and scared stiff ...

Will be in clinic tomorrow afternoon ... if im home i'll let you know how i get on ... Thanks for your support guys .... really struggling on how to cope right now, don't know if i can take much more ...

Take care ...

I saw you were on here and hoping you'd reply. I wish I lived closer then i'd waddle over and give you a big hug!.

I'm not surprised you've got a headache hun, you're under a hell of alot of stress at the mo. what with everything else going on, I admire your strength.

Did the docs. say anything at all to you about their concerns or what they think is wrong?

I expect they've booked you in for precaution & told you to take a bag, just incase. I know it's scary but at least you'll be in the best place possible. Have yourself a relaxing bath (have you got any lavender oil, a bit old & frumpy I know!) to put on your pillow and try and get some rest.

Sending you hugs.

(((Imi)))),. will be thinking of you tomorrow, hope everything is ok xxx
imi hope your ok hunny am thinking of you xxxx
Imogen, I've only just seen this post, sorry!

I've probably already missed you and you are already at the clinic, but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. Hopefully you have someone with you who can ask the right questions and will be able to listen to the answers. It's no wonder you were in a state last night and didn't really listen/understand what the doctors were saying.

Take care of yourself and I hope everything is okay.
Ditto what Tankett just posted.. I had no idea.. so sorry it is all so worrying for you.. it is so unfair that they are not telling you enough info.

I will be thinking of you and hope that you get the answers and reassurance you need today.. I am sure they are just being over-cautious about how long you may need to stay there... your bean will be fine.. you and he/she will be in the best hands for whatever they need to do...

let us know when you are able.. big HUGS.
Gosh, didn't see this yesterday!

Hope you are ok sweetie.

Sending you big HUGS.

Let us know how you get on xxxxxxxxxx

Thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Imi

I've probably missed you.. you'll be at the hospital by now! hope your a lot more clearer now on what is going on and why they have asked you to stay over. I think these doctors scare us for no reason.. to them it's nothing every day rotine but they should take a little more time to explain..

Hope everything is okay!

I had pains in my chest many many moons ago now! went to my doc for a check up... he rushed me into the A&E where they kept me over nite... they wired me up to so many machines! i had 3 ECG's in 2 days... they had me on a drip and took me every where on a bed.... i was a nervous wreck.. then they sent me home with parcetamol... and told me it was nothing!!!!! so try not too worry too much...

Let us know how you get on. Thinking about you!

Just saw your post. Hope by now all is ok & you are no longer worried.

Lorrie x
Imi I hope that everything went ok for you today have been thinking about you today.

Not heard from her yet? She must have been kept in. I hope she is okie.
Imi if you're reading this we're thinking of you xxxx
still no news from Imi..

Wherever you are I hope you are OK and being well looked after and well rested with some good news xxxxx
Hope everything is ok keeping my fingers crossed for her.
Imi - looking forward to you coming back on here and telling us all your okay!
I second what the others have said. Hope you ok Imi. Thinking of you.


i hope your okay i just got a pm from you a few days ago i hope to hear from you soon.
katrina xxxxxx

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