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    Hello ladies. I've been TTC from the beginning of the year and I'm at a stage where I need some more support so I hope you don't mind listening to my ramblings. I am mum to 1 DD who is 2 years old and I'd just love for her to have a brother or sister. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to have another. :sad:

    I'm temping and its so flippin lonely not being able to really talk about it with anyone while I go through the process each month of hitting the 2WW and then that annoying AF arrives usually with spotting from 10DPO (if I'm lucky) but sometimes a lot earlier. Why cant' I just relax about it all? :wall2:. I used to be a member of this forum under the username Lunabuma but can't get my account to work.

    Barriers to the BFP are a short LP (usually 10 days which didn't seem to matter last time) and the fact that BD with a toddler is much more difficult.

    I'm an expert on postnatal depression/anxiety (not what you want to hear about on a TTC thread but I had it and got through it ok so ask away ) and breastfeeding failure and proud of it (let me manage your expectations). Happy to offer an ear to anyone who needs it on pretty much anything.

    So here I am today, 11DPO with the slightest brown spotting and my temp still high. Please help me!

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