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Mar 30, 2005
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Was a little surprised to get a letter from the hospital yesterday to tell me a health visitor was coming to my house in 2 weeks :? Wasnt aware they did this and just wondered what they do when they are there :?

Natalie x
I went to Antenatal and a girl there said the health visitor was going to see her and she was a bit put out to why. I don;t think it's anything to worry about.

Just found this for you saying what a health visitor was for. I always get a bit paro and think the worswt that they are there to judge the conditions your baby is to live in but I think it's just to help.

She is just introducing herself I guess.

Anyway, hope this helps.

You will probably have lots of contact with your health visitor during your child’s early years, and she will get to know your child well.

Your health visitor can offer advice on day-to-day problems, such as:

* Sleeplessness

* Teething

* Fussy eating

* Behavioural problems

* Growth problems

Your health visitor will refer you to a GP if she feels it’s appropriate. ‘Never hesitate to contact your health visitor, however insignificant you may feel your worry is,’ advises health visitor and motherandbaby.co.uk Jackie Walsh. In some areas, your health visitor will give your child her routine immunisations.

At many practices, health visitors are available every day, either to give telephone advice or to see you in person. They may have a separate phone number from the surgery. There will also be baby clinic sessions during the week where you can have your baby weighed and measured, and discuss any concerns about her wellbeing. You’ll find phone numbers and clinic times in your red Personal Child Health Record book.

All good by the looks of it.

Em xxxxxxxx
Thank you for the info, makes me feel a bit better. Was kind of thinking that maybe they were concerned or something about my living conditions :shock: I live in a 3 bed house with my partner, cat and 2 water dragons, so didnt think there was anything wrong. Partner said it could be because im not a Mrs :? But hey, now I feel a bit better and guess its just another day i can take off work :lol:

Cheers again for the info

Natalie x
They come round just for an antenatal visit, they basically introduce themselves and tell you about their job role and what happens regarding visits when baby arrives. they also give you your red child health book!
Probley being really thick, but what red child health book? :oops:
I didn't get a letter, but my midwife told me that once I was discharged out of midwifery care I would get a call from the Health Visitor and then an appointment would be organised.

The first visit they checked Dominics, weight, hearing and other bits and bobs and checked how I was. She was really nice and I felt reassured by her visits.
newbump said:
Probley being really thick, but what red child health book? :oops:

its a book they give you to record everything about your baby untill its about 5 years old. immunisations, screening tests etc!
Hi newbump,
I had the health visitor come round a couple of weeks ago, was just for a little chat, they game me a book (like the NHS purple pregnany book) called 'Birth to 5' with all sorts of info on how to look after your baby and stuff. And she gave me some leaflets showing when clinics were open and phone numbers if I need help etc . . .

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