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May 2, 2005
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As i suffered with High Blood pressure problems with Amy, and my BP started to rise the other week, OH went out and bought me a wrist BP monitor (digital one) so icould keep an eye on it myself.

But everytime i use it it gives me different readings, i do best of 3 and they are no where near each other!!!

I have a cracking headache at the moment and have taken 2 lots of painkillers which haven't shifted it and my head is going muzzy. I don't have swelling and i can't decide whether my blood pressure is raised as it gives me different readings!!

Has anyone else used one or knows someone who has?
I know you're supposed to wait at least 20minutes between each reading if that helps?
i'll give it a go. i have left it 5 so maybe thats why it's all over the place.
i'm a demic today, just feel so poo!!!

:( :( :(
I've got one and it gives me erratic readings aswell, so isn't much use for calming my nerves!
If i were you id ring the day unit, Ive been having severe headaches, and had a trace protien when i tested wee, they told me to go to see them straight away, they were great. All was fine but better safe hey?
I have never rated the automatic BP machines, even the hospital ones, i always prefer to do BP manually, But sami is right, you should always leave a little time inbetween each reading.
Take it easy xx
I have had a +1 of protein the last 2 antinatal appointment, but i also have a water infection which they seem to think that that is where the protein is coming from.

I am just a little bothered as i suffered badly with it with Amy and was in and out of hospital when carrying her, but i can't ring them up and say " i think i need to be checked i have headaches and dizzyness" i just don't know what to say, plus they make you feel like you are wasting their time.

:D :D :D

I don't like mithering people
hi amy

i work in a hospital and i have been told not to buy those machines as they dont give a correct reading a majority of the time.

i suffered with a raised bp with Joshua, but thankfully it has been stable this time.

if you are suffering from a constant headache which isnt cured with pain relief then you really should contact your midwife hun.

I know your right but i always feel stupid ringing, i don't know about anyone else but when you ring here you have to contact the midwives on delivery suite, and they are always busy delivering babies, so when i ring with such a trivial matter it always makes me feel guilty.
:( :(
Hi Amy's Mum again!
I really think you should contact MW. as soon as mentioned headaches and protien they told me that i must leave work there and then, no exceptions and get to the day unit asap. scared me to death, but if pre eclampsia is a possibility they need to see you right away.
Dont feel silly contacting them, thats their job. All i kept saying was 'im so so so sorry for bothering you' cos i felt silly too, but they reasured me no end.
let us know how you get on. xx
Hi Hels,

I have midwife tomorrow afternoon, she squeezed me in.

I am just really jubious because of this water infection and if it is that causing me to feel poopy then i am just wasting their time, but my OH keeps telling me that after 2 weeks of anti biotics it should be getting better not staying constant.

I'm too shy for my own good, i had all this with Amy and you could guarentee i was in and out of hospital for 2 days a week with blood pressure and protein!!

Iwill be ok to wait til tomorrow won't i??????? :oops:
Hi sorry, missed your post.
Hope all went OK?? Your Hubby is right, i think you should have seen someone before your appointment. This 9 months is ALL about your precious cargo and ALL about YOU! Do not feel like your a nuisence etc.
Let me know how you got on xxx

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