Home birth or hospital birth?

Discussion in 'Labour & Birth' started by Katbix84, May 15, 2019.

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    I'm now 33wks and reality is hitting that I need to prepare mentally for birth. With a history of anxiety and panic attacks every time I have had an antenatal appt at the hospital I have got stressed and palpitations. I take antidepressants and have had to have extra growth scans as the baby is on the the small side. Having spoke to a registrar after my scan today after mentioning my anxiety she said had I considered a home birth and I said no as I live in a flat so ruled it out. She said I should look into it and now I'm confused at what is best. I like the thought of being at home in a familiar environment but live in a 1 bed flat so room is restricted. Also I would feel more relaxed but then what are the odds the baby was in distress or something else and therefore needing to go to hospital, that in itself could cause a great deal of panic and anxiety. Also pain relief, if it gets too much at a late stage you then have to endure a rush to hospital and then may have to wait to get the drugs. In a perfect scenario I would love to stay at home for as long as possible before having to go to hospital, would that be classed as a home birth as I'd need gas and air. Would appreciate your thoughts or experiences..
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    If you live in the UK do you have the option of a midwife led unit near you? It's not as medicalised as a hospital so it might not set off your anxiety as much and you can have candles and other relaxing things from home with you and you don't have to worry about giving birth in your flat. Good luck looking at all the options.
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    Id say if you want a home birth then really look into it. Do you have a homebirth team you can be referred to? They wil tell you exactly what you need to do and how things work etc.
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    I'd look into it

    I really wanted a home birth but because I'd had complications with my son I ruled it out. However my daughter had other ideas and came so quickly we had no choice, even though it was rushed and we had no help there I found having her at home such a lovely experience and my only regret is not preparing more for it either as it was happening or before hand (if I'd planned it before even if she arrived before the midwives at least I wouldn't have had to then go into hospital after.)

    Don't worry about complications the midwives will assess you and then make the decision to take you into hospital if you need to go.

    If we have another I will be having a planned home birth.

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