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  1. Yvonne

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    May 2, 2005
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    I am really sprised with this so i had to tell you all,

    My cousin moved to Holland 5 years ago, she has recently had a baby over there- now here's the shock,

    They leave you to go 3 weeks past your due date, with no talk of induction, or sections or anything- no extra scan's to check baby or anything!!
    So you are 43 weeks pregnant really over there and they don't flinch,

    THEN when you go the 3 weeks over they just give you a section!! talk about the hard way!

    Sorry it just shocked me when she said, but because she was 3 weeks over he weighed 10lb
  2. Amanda

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    Aug 11, 2005
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    I had my daughter over 12 years ago in England, and she was 18 days overdue. They were threatening to induce me from 32 weeks, due to many problems I won't go into now, so imagine my surprise when they let me go that far over.

    Due on the 1st April (says it all doesn't it!!), not born until the 19th. And she was only 6lb 7oz, tiny thing. :) She was actually born 3 hours before I was booked into being induced after over 25 hours of labour.

    Girls are always a problem.. :wink:

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