Hmm, weird leak...?


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Mar 11, 2005
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sorry if the following is giving TMI but for the last hour I've been feeling a slow kind of trickle down below. Not much to write home about but when I went to the loo just now my pants were quite wet and it smelt (sorry) kind of sweet like hay not uriney. Could it be.....???

I've put a sanitary pad on and am about to sit down and watch I'm a Celebrity. Ooer! I wonder if this is the start of something or just a weak pelvic floor!!

What do you reckon?


I was talking to someone today and they said that the amnio fluid smells like bleach ??? Dunno how true this is ????

Ohhh sounds positive though !!!

<<<<am very jealous as have absolutely NO signs whatsover !!!!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

well it hasn't done it much since but then I've been sitting in one position so I'm going to try lying down for a bit to see if it's just a case that the baby's head is stopping it or something.

If it isn't then it is a bit weird as I didn't need to go to the loo but then again I guess how would I know...? Do you always lose a lot or does it depend on where your baby's head is?

Not sure whether to be excited or not really!

I had my waters broke, as i was induced with Amy.
but i believe you have 2 sets of waters, your main waters and your hind waters.
Your hind waters aren't as much as your front ones so maybe it could be that that has gone.
Plus they don't always gush out, my friends waters were leaking for over 24 hours, just slowly trickling out.

Ring the hospital, they will probably take you in and see if your waters have gone, plus because of your gestation it is quite likely!!

Good luck!
:D :D :D
Oooh I hope that this is it for you Rosebay, will keep my fingers crossed. xxxxx
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohm how exciting.

Still nothing for me though :eek:(

Good luck hun, hope we have some good news soon.

Rats! Still here! In the end there wasn't much. About a teaspoon's worth so I doubt it was anything exciting :(. Ho hum!

Thanks for the support ladies.

Come on baby!!

awwww rosebay its a good sign though hun wont be much longer now xxxxxxxx
Thanks Rach, I'm going up the wall now! I'm so desperate to see him or her!

I should be patient and Zen-like I know but it's too exciting....!

I read somewhere that your waters smell sweeter than wee!! If I was you I would still contact your Mat Unit and get it checked out. It could still be the hind waters and baby might have moved so its stopped the leaking for now, if your sure it wasnt wee then I would get checked out.
Awww I got so excited while reading this thread, then got to the end.

Keep us posted anyway!
urchin said:
Awww I got so excited while reading this thread, then got to the end.

Keep us posted anyway!

LOL same!!

I have been told that if it smells sweeter then it's more than likely amnio fluid. You may only get a small bit at first as the front waters are just under the babies head if he/she is heads down. You have the hind waters too but might be blocked off from coming out if baby is engaged.

have you asked MW what she thinks?? xx
Thanks for all the concern ladies! It really only happened for that hour, and only a very small amount, about a teaspoon. I'd been sitting cross legged on the sofa (trying a new position as I just can't seem to sit comfortably in front of the TV at all) so I wonder if it was just urine or some other kind of thing...?

I've had nothing at all since and I've been vigilent so I reckon it can't have been my waters otherwise there would have been more or it would have continued. Back to the old drawing board eh?

Funnily enough though I was really excitied rather than terrified at the thought of it actually happening which is encouraging as so far I've been very nervous about it as you know. So maybe just maybe I won't panic and freak out as I fear I will when it does happen!

Thanks again for the advice and support- don't know how I would have got this far without you all!

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