Highchairs - the best and worst of....

I'm after a highchair for Damien. It's going to have to be one from birth I think as he can't hold his head up still. Or one with a head support?? Can anyone tell me the good ones they have, the ones they wouldn't reccomend and things I should consider when buying one?

Thanks in advance.
hiya sami

Our is from mothercare, it is suitable for little babies and you can almost lie them flat in it if they fall asleep:


I would go into mothercare and play around with some, look at the harness, see if the chair can tilt back etc
Getting one that you can make really low is also a good idea, so you can sit on the sofa ad feed them :D
Cheers I will go and have a look.
Saw some nice ones in Babies R Us too.
Sarah is it adjustable hights and stuff too? Like could I sit on the sofa and feed Damien in it? Or would I have to stand uop in the kitchen with him? Does it fold away fairly small or would it take up alot of room in my house? (I don't have alot of room!)

Cheers hun
Sami I have this one - But in a different colour and its fab. It has seven different height adjustments so that it can be used as a low chair and will adjust to fit most types of table. The seat back rest also adjusts - it has has four recline positions so that baby can go from eating to sleeping without being disturbed.
It folds flat for easy storage to so its not stuck in the middle of your kitchen.
The downside is that it says its onlt suitable from 6 months onwards, but Ky has been in it from 3 months.

Cheers hun it's really nice. Shame it's from 6 months, it's got to be from birth as Damien is tiny and I'll be starting to wean him in a few weeks. It seems much the same as the Fisher-Price one.
Sami i have bought the fisher price one on kiddicare: the flutterbye one, it has a head support... But i have seen the polly one in a shop. the fisher price does not recline as much as the polly one. The polly one arrives more or less done while fisher price, i spent 40 minutes assembling it. Am having a bit of difficulty putting the chair higher and lower, it is quite stiff ( might come from the chair or because it is brand new, had it today:)) But it has 7 positions. I have not tried to fold it yet. They say the polly is from 6 months i think it is to cover themselves in case of accidents but the polly one would be suitable for a small baby too, you could had your head support form car seat if necessary. I bought the fisher price as it is cheaper, not of much but enough to buy one or 2 boxes of aptamil :wink:
I took a couple of pictures to show you how Thomas looks like in his chair. He is 64 cms long for 12 pounds 65. that will give you an idea if you think damian can fit or not.



I personally think Thomas is a bit little to fit well but he is well tied up and do not think he will fall from it. As long as he is supervised for a few weeks :)
Ooooh I like that. Damien is about 12lb now. Like you say, as long as thet are strapped in they should be okie :D

cheers hun helped loads showing the pics :D
braydons is from birth and its really good it looks like thomas's but is in blue dont ask me bout folding it lolo i wouldnt know it stays up in the dinning rooms lol! it has 3 reclines i think and 7 height adjustments and B loves to sleep in it after his tea takes after his grandad to much, its also really good as wen i got it for B e didnt have really good head control but as it reclined a bit it was really helpful
Sami, I had a similar problem with Jess, she started eating early, at about 3.5 months but we just fed her in her car seat. It didnt give her bad habits for when she was ready to go into the high chair. We had the mothercare wooden highchair which goes into a seat and tabe and I wouldnt recommend it. It was too hard for a wee person and I didnt consider it to be stable when she got bigger.

Good luck :D
My dad bought one last week from birth, the Fisher Price Space saver that attaches to a chair, its great and Jayden loves being in it. You can get them from Argos.
I gave Brody his first bit of baby rice today...he sat in his bumbo it worked a treat. Obviously I know this would be no good for you and Damo, Sami, but just a suggestion for other people :)

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