high visibility pram covers?

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    Oct 13, 2006
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    my boyf recently went on an "empathy course" (i think thats what theyre called anyway- when execs & managers spend the day with one of their delivery dirvers for example, so they are more understanding about the people who work for them?)

    anyway, he got to keep his steelies and high-visibility/reflective jacket.

    today i went out with the pushchair for the first time in the dark. i thought i might feel more safe if i put the jacket over the front cover that goes over her knees- and luckily it fitted really well by threading the foot-cover straps through the jackets arm holes.

    so, i felt really safe in the dark but it looked kinda messy (a bit like them ambulance wheelchairs? all bright yellow and reflective and untidy!)

    i would rather hav a proper cover that looks smart. but i havent seen any :think:

    does anyone kno where i can get them?

    my pram is a graco quattro tour deluxe (i think! haha) and its dark coloured!
  2. leckershell

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    Dec 25, 2006
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    no idea but i was thinking the same thing yesterday. perhaps just get some reflective strips off ebay or something but i know that's not quite what you're after.

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