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Jul 10, 2005
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It's been a while and once again all the teens aren't coming on here with things to say so i thought ide come on and at least say hi to everyone and see how everyones feeling and doing lately.
As of me i have late nights, sleep for 3 hours wake up and go back ot bed a few hours later cuz i can never sleep long. Im getting way too big and hard to get comfy. Any one else feeling excited as the big day is coming closer???? Well i hope people reply to this so i know some still come on here. Take care Katrina
I'm 19 too - I'm still here :)

I too have started sleeping funny and only seem to manage a few hours then get up for a few hours, then sleep again - it's mad.

Hows your bump doing? xx
Hello Sami

How have you been i still have your msn, you helped me out when i first came on here if you remember?? But anyways my bumps doing good although i cant wait till all this heartburn and such stops its been keeping me up and its sooo bad at the moment which is why im not in bed lol.
Well i know you've been going through a lot and i hope your feeling good, and take care of the two of you.
Katrina :D
hiya girls
for some reason ive been sleeping funny too. its mad cuz im always tiered and can sceem to fall asleep in the weirdest places but not my bed :? :? ive also been getting this stabbing pain at the top of my bump anyone no what it is? and my baby loves to put me in pain cuz every 5mins he pushes my ribs up but its only on my right side so i wiggle my belly to move him but he finds his way back and does it twice as hard :( its sounds funny when i put it like that put im in lots of pain only god nos what ill be like when given brith :lol: :lol: and way take care
hey me wanna tlk to but me not preggie ne more lol!!!!! wot names has everyone got???
braydon weighs 10lb 6 oz now n he is 6 weeks old already it has gone to quickly - peice of advice takes loads pics of your babies i have taken loads of B but wish i had taken more!!!

love sarah and braydon
hey gurleys, im still here too, sleeping?? whats that ;) lol my patterns gone right out of the window. my bumps become huge within the last few weeks, ive taken to sleeping with a couple of pillows shoved in my sides -seams to help actually. im getting more and more excited now the big days getting closer, i actually thought id be pooing my pants but excitements overtaking my fear! :D Hope you girls are good. Luv Amy X

Well i would say we will catch up on our sleep but it will prob be worse when our babies arrtive lol, i had to go to the hospital tonight because i has having chest pains and the doc said it was just baby pressing on my ribs...ouch it doesnt feel nice. Well the days have just been flying buy and most of us are getting so close to our due dates, you'll have to let us know when you have the first sign of any contractions lol
Well talk to you soon its almost 1 am here so im gonna try and sleep
Sorry you've been having chest pains hun - it does hurt when they are pushing up I know!
It is getting closer and closer and flying by so fast now! I can't believe how quick things are happening. It's mad.

Hope you are okie x
Hi Sami

Where did you go, you suddenly went off line, something must have happened. I didnt see your reply before you came on, so i guess you know im fine lol, but at least im not the only one in pain. Well im gonna finish up here and try and sleep again cuz i only got 3 and a half hours last night, and its almost 1 here again, so ill talk to you all soon and hope i hear from everyone else soon too, so we know how your doing.

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