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    Feb 24, 2013
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    Hi ladies I'm not due to c mw till 15th August but was wondering when r u supposed to count movement have noticed bump not moving as much or kicks not as big at this stage is my placenta still n the way ? I'm off on sick at min for back pain it's constant when I walk on left side think bp lies on left when walking x so I've been resting and think he/she might b too x
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    Dec 28, 2012
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    Tbh I've never been told to count kicks and I think it's more about feeling movement regularly and in tune with what your baby usually does. My mw said if you have a quiet period then sit or lie fur an hour (eat and drink something cold) and if you feel nothing call labour triage. Tbh if baby is quieter you should phone them for reassurance. They won't think you're time wasting
    I find food nearly always wakes squiggle up. And also I get a pattern of a, few quieter days and a few crazy days.
    The bottom line is if you're at all worried call labour ward or your mw (whichever she advised to do)

    I hope your back pain improves hun xxx

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