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    Hey there everyone.
    Wanted to join a forum so I can get help and advise on TTC.

    I'm 25 (26 next month) my SO is 26.
    I was on the pill for several years from the age of 17 and then swapped to the Depo injection for 2-2.5 years. My last injection was October 2018 and haven't been on contraception since. Periods had been very irregular and sometimes hadn't happened at all since my last injection, however since May, they have been more within the same time period, my PMS symptoms have come back from when I was a teen (OUCH!) and I'm now using two apps to help pin point my fertile weeks so hopefully I can finally become a mum :)

    Me and SO have been TTC for 7 months now. Had a lot of maybes but unfortunately nothing so far. Been extremely difficult this month as we had a lot of promising things but still a negative on tests.

    Shall be posting here and there, even more so with such a promising month which has so far been another fail. Can't wait to speak to you all though!

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