Hi ladies, I'm back :(

Discussion in 'Secondary Infertility' started by Chazabell, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    Hi Ladies

    But sure if anyone will remember me. I recognise a few names from when I was in LTTTC and I'm sorry to see you here in secondary infertility:( I'm also sorry I dropped off the face of the earth after having my son....too busy :/

    I'm officially classed now as struggling with secondary infertility. I've had multiple bloods done over the last 12 months for a few reasons. I developed ectopic heart beats after having Daniel which is worsened by caffeine....a new mums life line :rofl: then I started with scattered cycles and mid month bleeding. Most recent bloods show that I'm not ovulating :( (my history is endo and pcos and my son was born via IVF)

    My Dr has prescribed Clomid. 1 tablet per day for 6 days for this cycle then 2 tablets let day for 6 days in the second cycle with bloods done on day 21 each time.

    As I sit here on the eve of taking my 1st Clomid tablet. Which will be the start of my 9th clomid experience overall. I feel overwhelmed and need to 'air' out. I hated each clomid experience 1st time round and I swore blind 'I'm never taking that again!!' Yet here I am. Because you can't not take this chance. What if? Eh? What if?

    This also means I'll be on my period on my first family holiday in 4 weeks time. Bad bad timing!! Sod's law!!

    Sorry to ramble on. Hope you don't mind me popping back in xxxx
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    Hey, I think I remember you!

    Good to see you back, but sorry to see you in here....your little boy sounds like he was a proper little miracle!

    At least you are back in the game, appointments and tests, etc.

    I'm in cycle 4, prob seems like nothing to the ladies in here, but cycles are properly messed up, temping this month to see if I'm even ovulating, just get the feeling something isn't working properly...
    Looking forward to following your journey! Xxx
  3. maybe baby

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Hi Chaz!

    Sorry you're having a tough time again.

    I'm guessing you've no Frosties??

    Are you using opks as day 21 may not be the correct day as you could ov at any time.

    Did clomid make you ov last time?

    I'd be asking for scans to track things you know..

    How old is Daniel?

    I'm having a bash at number 3 at the mo!!


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