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    My name is Cristina, I'm 26, and am 28 weeks pregnant. I live in Denver and am engaged. I'm applying for a new job and am also about to move to a new home in the next month. I live with my fiance and his mother, and believe me it is very difficult specially now that I'm pregnant. I am really emotional, and homesick, and my fiance is never there. My fiance and I both work full time, and after work he's never there. He hangs out with his friends and when he comes home he is too tired to even talk to me, or him and his mother will watch movies all night and I will be ignored if I even attempt to say anything. My fiances mom helps with cooking and occasionally cleaning but she complains nonstop about anything and everything and will side with her boy if ever an argument arises. I feel so unappreciated and alone. I'm to the point of breaking down but I feel so guilty even when I cry because I'm blamed for hurting the baby. :cry: I don't think I deserve to be treated like this specially right now that I'm pregnant. My family is in California and I try not to bother them with my problems because I know they will worry and I don't want to be a problem in their lives now that they are in a comfortable happy state. If anyone has any advise I would just like to talk to someone.

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    Awww babe I'm sorry you're having a rough deal :(

    We're all here for a chat when ever you need us and feel free to PM me xx

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