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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by scolley224, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. scolley224

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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Hi, I'm new to this board and at between 32 and 36 wks pregnant the mw can't decide. The scan at 14 wks said 32. The mw says I'm measuring 36 wks!!! the sooner the better now, I'm sick of being pregnant.
    I've had quitw a difficult pregnancy, Had bleeding and a low lying placenta :( I've been off work since April and am soooo bored.

    I'm 22 yrs old this is my first pregnancy and I know where having a little boy( Joshua) My husband also has an 8 yr old son from a previous marriage.

    We have a mad 11 mth old dog Charlie (girl) and we live in Wakefield

    We went for a 4d scan on Friday and it was amazing, we got to see his 10 fingers and toes, his face this expressions and his foot on his head!

    I'm feeling quite quite lonely and down at the moment, just can't wait to have him to keep me busy.

    Sam and Joshua
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    Awww I'm sorry you're not enjoying the pregnancy babe - I haven't got to your stage yet so I don't know how it feels, but complications - I know about them! I have been in and out of hospital since I found out I was expecting 3 and a half weeks ago. Bleeding, pains, and already had 2 scans to check on bub.

    All the girlies here are really friendly and happy to chat. I hope you start to feel better soon hun xxx
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    Jun 17, 2005
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    hi, i'm new to this forum too. i'm sorry that you're not enjoying being pregnant, me neither, i'm feeling tired and lonely as everyone i know works during the day. at least you can rest assured that the end is in sight and it won't be long before you have a beautiful baby to look after.

    hope things starting getting more cheerful for you soon.
  4. crystalize

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    hi there, i'm 33 weeks and have had a few complications too.
    possible early labour, bleeding, and a low placenta.
    i was wondering if your low p had corrected itself (which i've been told mine still could) or if you have to have a c-section?
    i'm really hoping my scan on the 7th july will show the placenta to be normal, but i've just got this feeling it won't be.
    i think this part of pregnancy is really hard, it's like i'm so close but so far away! my body feels so weird, like it's not just mine anymore, and i feel very unattractive! it doesn't matter how much my lovely mark tells me i look lovely, i don't feel it! but on the same hand, i think i'll miss my bump.
    hope things are a bit brighter for you today xx

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