hi all im new


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Oct 9, 2005
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hi all
a little bout me:
im 15 in my last year of school expecting a little boy 28 jan :D cant wait
and im not ashamed of it
erm live in liverpool
erm cant think now any way take care of those bumps :lol:
congratulations gill!!
i would be in my last year of school if i still went but i havent been back since i had kylie
so im 16 but i turned 16 on sept 11 so im nearly the same age as you

take care of yourselves xxx
hi, im new too, just posted a new thingy

GILL - i am also from liverpool !! :) (really untechnical smiley i know!!!) hehehehehe

congrats on your bumps, i'm still waiting for mine to put in a proper appearance - still sorta look like i've been scoffing jaffa cakes all week long! but its getting there, i'm 19 weeks this week, but still waiting for first movement ( have probably missed it knowing me!!) 2nd scan in 2 weeks time, cant wait, dont wan to know the sex tho, prefer a surprise

take care
Hi Gill welcome to the site - and congratulations on your pregnancy :) no reason why you should be ashamed mate - no-one on the site is critical of younger mums - I'm 19 and have still received as much support as anyone else on here.

When you gonna give school up? Are you planning on carrying on after little on is born if possible or re-taking year 11 later on?

hiya Sami
im still going to school at the moment but will not be aloud to go back in after christmas till baby is born. when baby's here ill go back but im already thinking of resitting some of my exams as i think i will not get the grades id hope to get with my situation but if i do get C's and above then im going to collage (dont know what doing yet tho :lol: )

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