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Dec 31, 2005
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hiya havent been on here 4 a while coz i have been in hospital with a really bad chest infection. anyway im betta now. they put me on the childrens ward :( lol. anyway when i was in there sum1 came over an sed they knew me :p i had no idea who they wer n guess wat? it was marylou!!! lol she sed she knew by the "im from north london" on here and the fact that there was two of us identical and one was pregnant lmao o ye and that someone called out u ok willow? lmao. so marylou said she wouldnt bre on here for a while coz kylie is in hospital coz she mmanaged to knock herself out and then fow hrs later she had a fit and she has been kept in hospital for obs since saturday. i think she is ok atm. anyway speak 2 ya all sn.
love xx willow xx
ps sorry its sooooooooo long
omg god imagine that u all in the hospital lol iv been in two miscarried my twins :( if i lived in north london we cld have met to!!!

damn colchester being 40 mins away lol

i hope u r ok now - childrens ward that sucks ur bout to be a mummy and they stick u with kids

mary-lou i hope kylie is ok must have been so scary!! wondered y i had been left hope everyone is ok

love sarah and B
wow that must have been nice to meet :) Im well up for meeting somebody but not sure if anyones near leeds which is a bummer.

Sarah babe i cant evan begin to imagine what your feeling right now, always here if you need to talk hunnie *massive hugs*

wow thats cool that you two got to meet must of been nice at least your all sorta all close im on the other end of the world lol.
hope your all ok
katrina and kiara
im fine now and ye sarah the childrens ward sucks!!!! i wudnt b suprised if i was put in there to give birth :( any way i wil go see if kylies ok later.
love xx willow xx
ps mw said i should expect Bliss in the nxt 3 wks!
my MW sed the same thing at 33 weeks and i was 5 days late!!

I live in colchester which is 40 mins away from the east of london - amy i went to leeds last year n am sure it was 6 hours away from colchester by car katrina like she sed has to live god knows where in the world lol and mary lou and willow live north lond where at a guess is about 1.30 hours away from me and about 5 from u!!!

thankss amy i am getting there spending lots of time with braydon - think i may have made him the most uncuddely baby ever over the last couple of days!!

hasnt carey got his jabs this week??? did you have a good week end away???

and willow say hi to mary- lou for us and say we hope she and kylie get home soon !! who has got demi??

lots of love sarah and braydon
one of her m8z has got demi. and i saw marylou today and she said kylie should be out by friday. i will tell her ur all thinkin of her lol and hope ky gets well soon.
ye we are all miles frm each otha.
love xx willow xx
awww thats nice of marylou m8

so wot is she like?? and how cute is kylie?? how r u feeling now
im feelin ok thnx. fat and tired but v exited!!!!!!
marylou is really nice. blonde like me lol and kylie is the cutest. blonde too! and tiny im sure 1 1/2 year olds arent that small lol. not seen demi yet lol.
love xx willow xx
awww 'so jealous' i wanna meet everyone!!!

mary-lou sounds cute - u guys on here r the only people i know who have babies or r PG so u r so lucky u met marylou so u can meet up n stuff do u live far away from each other? where in north london you live?? did u get my PM?
heya. yer got ur pm. thanx. we liv really near each other lol she used to go to the same primary skol as me! i live in shoreditch. not very north lol more center of london but who cares lol.
love xx willow xx
Yeah Sarah, he's got his jabs tomorrow :(

Did you get a pic of you and mary-lou together? :D

Aww i really want to meet somebody now! Any offers? lol
i think we should plan a day when willow has had bliss to meet in like london or somewhere :D
yeah thats a gr8 idea sarah! cant wait lol. an sorry amy i avnt got any pics of me n marylou 2getha.
love xx willow xx
hello. im back!!! kylie is much better now n thanks willow for tellin evry1!
luv marylou xxx
awww hiya babes how is kylie? bet its nice to be home n to meet willow! i thought u had abandonned us lol!
heya kylie is doing good but all the time she was in hospital she ate nothin so shes having some special food now lol.
what happend was.. i put her in the bath and took the no slip mat out. turned round to pick up the towel she stood up, slipped and nocked herself out. :shock:
i took her to hospital and she had like 3-4 fits :shock: scared the bloody life out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!
love marylou xxx
ye she is gud now. thank god lol
love marylou xxx
ps willow has gone into labour!!!!!!!! so Bliss is on her way lol


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