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Jun 9, 2005
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Hey Ladies!

My name is Heather, I'm 24, and my SO, Curt is 20. I just recently got a divorce. Although I have been with Curt for 8 months now. We were planning engagement and having a baby. Well we just bought my engagement ring last week, it hasn't came in yet. My parents were not too thrilled that he bought me a ring, because it is so soon after my divorce. But what they didn't know is that we were also TTC. And guess what??? Yesterday, I found out I was pregnant. We are not going to tell our parents until after we go to the Dr. My first appt is next Friday. So we will see how they all react to our wonderful news. We are so happy, as we planned this, but I'm not quiet sure how our families are going to take the news. Hopefulle they will be happy as were are, and be very supportive. But I hope I make a lot of new friends here, to share my & your pregnancy! And we will be planning a wedding shortly, as in the next few months. I want to get married before the baby is born, and I don't want to be too big for the wedding. I look forward to chatting with all of you!
Hi Heather, it's great to meet you. and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy and your engagement. You are obviously very happy so I truly hope your family will be happy for you. I hope the wedding plans, and the pregnancy go really well for you.

Sarah x
Congratulations on your pregnancy and your engagement! Double whammy - i hope they both go smoothly for you :)
Hi Heather, similar situation as you, Im 24 and got divorced about March time. I have been with my new partner Mark (34) for about a year and a half and were expecting our first (Due Oct) which was planned. I must admit I wasn't looking forward to telling my mum, as she can be very negative and pessamistic. Even though she likes Mark! Anyway sure enough when we got to the 12 week stage we anouced it whist visiting her while my brother andsister in law were round (who were expection there second child). They both whooped with joy and congratulated us, while my mother just went bright red in shock and under here breath said something along the lines of 'god, cath no. . . ' Obviously not wanting to make a scene in front of everyone. She did later appologise and has since been very supportive, she just worries a lot like most mums. But she knows Mark and I are happy so shes happy too.
So I can understand where your coming from, mothers worry about there babies (even when they are grown up) It can be very daunting breaking the news, but Im sure they will be happy for you if your happy.
Congratulations and good luck!
Cat- We told our parents this weekend. Actually they were all very happy for us. It made it so easy. We were nervous, and didn't know what to expect from them, of course they were in shock, but they are all happy for us. My SO is still in school, and his parents told him to finsh school, which he will be finished up in October. But they want him to finish school, and they will help us until he can get a job. So I was very pleased with our parents reactions. My first Dr. appt is Friday. I just couldn't wait to tell them to news. I'm about 5 weeks.
Thats excellent news Heather, glad it went so well! Its a scary thing to do, after all its probably the biggest news you can ever tell your parents!

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