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Mar 19, 2005
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Hey everyone, Got a BFP this morning. So exciting. WWOOHHOOO Been trying for 8 months which isn't long, but long enough! Just hoping it stays in!

Anyone else around the same time? From what I can work out I'm due 9th November


Congratulations to you and your bean :D :D :D :D

Hi Blackfairykitten

I am due the same time as you!! I have to go for a dating scan because it took 2 weeks from the day my period was due to get my BFP!! :D So although my ticker says 6 weeks i am probably between 4 & 6 weeks!!

I went to the doctors today and picked up my notes which i need to fill in ( that's gonna take some time) and my "Emma's Diary" yippee goody bag time!! Now just waiting for my midwife to phone so i can go and see her!!

It is so exciting keep us posted on how you are getting on :D
Good luck xx :D
I want goodie bag! :( Gonna phone doctors on friday morning and get a appointment. If you've got msn mine is [email protected] by cool to keep in contact to go through it together.

I think i have msn will sort it out and get back to you on that one!!

Goody bags are good,join the Boots parenting club too you get a mum to be pampering pack and a voucher so when you buy a pack of Huggies nappies (bit early i know :oops: ) you get a Huggies starter pack which is a changing bag and changing mat and other little bits worth £25 free!! :D

Triple points everytime you buy huggies nappies too!! Well worth it!!

Deff keep us posted though it will be nice to have someone who will be going through the same as me!!
Good luck xx
Hi and congratulations. I am due around 5th November so if you want to talk I am on this forum quite often :)
CONGRATULATIONS!! That's fabulous!

I looked up my due date online and it said October 26th but I am waitin for a scan to confirm before I get a ticker.

I wish you an easy pregnancy - I'm so sick I wake up and throw up without even having a sip of water :(

Enjoy your good news, there is nothing like it is there?

Congrats 8 months does feel like a long time especially when you have 8 periods, but its all worth it in the end.

Look forward to hearing all your stories. Have a healthy and happy 9 months. x
Hope I can make myself welcome too!! I actually got my BFP on day 21 of my cycle, so last week was extremely stressful and expensive!! Think I have taken about 10 tests in total. I was charting my temps and they remained high, so thought this month might be different to the last 18 (that's how long we have been trying!!)

Anyway, my baby is due on the 11th November, really excited, although it hasn't properly sunk in yet I don't think. Worried when I have symptoms and worried when I don't!! Hope we can keep each other calm over the next 8 months or so.
Tell me about it Dippy!! I think i have spent about £60 in the last two weeks :oops: !!

Stll didn't believe it when i got that second line,even when a clear blue digital told me PREGNANT i carried on testing!!

I have stopped now though :D !!
Good luck with your pregnancy xx
Hi BlackFairyKitten

I have just seen your bump pic and thought wow :shock: :D

That is a nice little bump you got going on there!!

I must admit though my trousers keep pinging undone!! :oops:

I feel very uncomfortable and am already having problems sleeping,roll on the next 8 months!! :D
hi there black fairy kitten!
welocme to the forum!
Good luck at the doctors,can't wait to hear how you get on :D xx
Well the doctors appointment wasn't that exciting. He remembered he saw me in december for a suspected miscarriage. All he did was enter my last period on the computer and then answered a few of my questions. I just ask if being lactose intollerant causes a problem, it doesn't until your breastfeeding and also checking the vitamins i'm taking are good. He also explained how not all pregnancies suceed but that he hoped mine would and there isn't anything to do for the first trimester really just live as normal as possible. I booked a appointment with the midwife. You have a 15 minute appointment at 8 weeks for the booking of a dating scan and then after the scan have a hour appointment. So 3rd of April is the next target!

Wasn't all that interesting but good that 8 weeks is the next milestone :)
Hi Blackfairy

At least everything is still going well :D
My doctors appointment went pretty much the same way really,checking that i was taking folic acid and my dates :)

I have to wait for the midwife to contact me and i can't wait!!, i did think that it would be about 8 weeks though so i guess i will have to be a bit more patient :D

How are you feeling though? I have a stinking cold and what makes it worse is you can't take anything! :( (just paracetomol)
I haven't been ill in ages and since i have been eating better and taking vitamins i come down with this :(

Do you have any more pregnancy symptoms yet? I am being pretty lucky with those so far :D

Keep us posted, take care xx :D
Well I've been a bit hungrier, bad ache, cramps and stretching pains. Oh and headaches. Apart from that!!! U not had any?
Congratulations Blackfairykitten, here's to a happy ad healthy nine months xx
Oh yeah forgot the back ache that comes and goes,its not nice though :cry:

Sometimes i get the odd twinge when i stand up!! (is that stretching pain :? ) I should know this really being my third but i seem to have forgotten :oops: I guess it was 4 years ago :D

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