Hernia or just worsening SPD?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Charliebump3, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Hi ladies

    Has anyone ever suffered with a hernia? I have this awful pain along my pubic bone which is radiating up my bump to my belly button. I had a good feel and I can't feel any obvious bumps or lumps that suggest a hernia. The pain is so bad I can beardy stand up, walk, go up stairs and I can't sleep with the pain! I have slowly been increasing the codine to try to get some relief. Last night I had 2 30/500 and still couldn't sleep through the pain. All it did was make me feel incredibly sick!

    It could just be the SPD getting worse. I am currently on crutches and I wear 2 belts (tubi grip and a support Velcro belt). I remember the pain on my pubic bone from my last pregnancy but it didn't radiate like this! This is unbearable! I do have a muscle separation in my abdomen and I know hernias are possible with this.

    I spoke to the midwife on Friday and she didn't seem overly concerned. She said she didn't know if there would be an obvious lump or what the symptoms of a hernia are! She did say it's very normal for SPD to be worse with subsequent pregnancies, even more so with me leaving a 4 month gap between pregnancy.

    I'm hoping it's just that Iv over done it over the last week and a few days rest will help! Fingers crossed xxxxxx
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    I hope you don't mind me replying as I'm not expecting at the mo but I've just had an umbilical hernia repaired which occurred during my 2 pregnancy. I also had awful SPD during that pregnancy. For the SPD I had accupuncture which was amazing, 3 sessions from 24weeks and I was almost pain free for the rest of my pregnancy (I had other issues though). My hernia popped after this but I didn't feel any pain from it and the only symptom I ever had was an lump in my belly button which didn't disappear. I don't know if they could diagnose a hernia while pregnant as to diagnose mine I had to do a sit-up although mine was very small. I hope you get some relief from the pain soon and if it is a hernia that they repair it for you as soon as they can x

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