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Apr 24, 2005
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I've gone into work today after having Thursday off and Monday due to an ectopic pregnancy scare. I went to work on Friday but left at 2.15pm to go to the doctors, where he sent me to hospital. Luckily I wasn't having one, but obviously it had to be checked out as I was spotting and have stomach pains.

I was told (by my MD, alone in an office and I had noone with me) that if I have any more time off sick then they will take legal advice (because they wont want to continue my employment), but he understands that he has a legal requirement to allow antenatal appointments.

He feels I have manipulated them.

When I said, fine next time I am bleeding I will come in, he had a go about my sarcasm!

I said that as I am pregnant he shouldn't be putting me under undue stress and anxiety, and he told me if I didn't like it then I knew what I could do about it. (Resign).

After I walked out of his office at the end of the meeting I cried for about 30 minutes, I have awful stomach cramps and feel terrible.

I had 4 days off 3 weeks ago with a water infection which was treated with antibiotics.

I feel awful, yet if I get signed off he will sack me and I can't afford to lose my job. We wouldn't have enough money to live off.
how long have you worked for them?
are they a big company?

they cannot do that to you! if they sack you you can get them done for un fair dismissal!

have you spoken to the citizen advice bureu? it sounds like they are trying to push you out coz your pregnancy, they cannot do that!!!!

do not rise to him just nod and agree to what ever he says i don't men you should actually do it just to let him think you are his little angel!!!!

also if you get signed off by a qualified doctor who is he to say if your ll or not and this is looked upon very strongly by legal teams you could sue them which i am sure your MD doesn't want!!!

what sort of maternity benefits do u get from this company???
They definitly can't treat you like this.

I think you should ring the citizens advice beaurau and tell them what's happening.

They can't sack you for having time off in relation to your pregnancy and as you say they most certainly should not be puting you under that kind of pressure!

If your MD mentions it to you again tell him that you are taking legal advice yourself and that any further meetins you want someone else in with you.

I know it's not easy, but try not to stress. the Citizens advice will help you I'm sure!
one of my best friends got sacked when she informed her employer she was pregnant, it was only a small company. so she went to a tribunal to sue them but in the end they settled out of court and paid her £5,000 which she was very happy with in the end.

hope you sort this situation out, dont let employers get away with this crap

love elaine x

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