Mar 5, 2005
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hi ladies, i was rushed into hospital about a week ago with shortness of breath and pains in my chest had a scan and everything is ok. The docs were worried of a blood clot on my lung. Since then i have been having really bad crampa nd pains in my calves i am a bit worried that this could be a dvt. Not really sure what to do don't want t seem like the worrying first time mum!!! i just wondered whether any other mums to be out hter had experienced the same.

lucy x
Hiya honey, i have been suffering with quite bad cramps too in my calves i think its normal, but i wouldnt worry about seeming to worry to much if you think theres cause for concern then get it checked out :) better than worrying yourself over it.
let me know how you get on
ohhh im also suffering really bad cramps...... some mornings i wake up feeling like i just ran a maraton... its very normal... eat more bananas i find this helps.

love elaine
Bananas help really? Ooh never thought of that, they're the one fruit i'm not keen on but if it helps the cramps i'm on that band wagon :wink:
I have just started eating bananas agian after years, and im sorry to say hasnt helped me with cramps, infact had a killer one at 5am this morning!!!

Natalie x
I don't like banana's either but they awere the best food I could stomach when I was being sick. Don't know about cramps but I think banana's have something good in them :)
i asked my midwife yesterday and she said its really common and theres nothing u can do apart from move ur feet before youy strecth ur legs out in the morning apparently its a salt u are lacking but she advised me not to add ne more to my diet because these days salt is in everything :D
Hi Honeybuggles, I know exactly how you feel as I was also taken into hospital a few weeks ago with suspected DVT and had to have an ultra sound on my leg. The whole experience was really scarey and I do find since that I get really paraniod about any random chest pains or leg pains. I think its cause although they found no clot, they wernt able to offer any solution as to what caused the pain in the first place, and said they dont ever tend to know! All I can sugest is try not to worry as I also get cramp in my legs, sometimes several times a night, and its totally normal. if you do experience any prolonged pain aan the area feels painfull to touch, one leg fels more swollen or a higher temperature than the other, just give your doctor or midwife a call to be on the safe side.

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