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Jun 13, 2005
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Right erm im 9 weeks 3 days pregnant.
Ive been bleeding recently for a few weeks, on and off.
Ive been in hospital twice due to a possible miscarraige but good news is i havent !
In the last two days ive been bleeding more like a light period.
What i would like to know is does anyone know how long the bleeding tends to last for?
And can i have sex? Im scared that if i have sex it could affect me or cause a problem?
Thanks for reading:!: (Im just scared and worried!)
I was told at the EPU today that you should not have intercourse for a week after the bleedin has stopped. All bleeding can be a worry and it is sometimes best to check with your GP. If the bleeding gets heavy get yourself up to A & E.

HTH and hope all goes well xxxx
I just hope it stops soon, im scared i wont stop bleeding though, I know some one that bled throughout their whole pregnancy :( .
It started about two weeks ago because i remember going to hospital for a ultrascan.
Usually its a dark brown colour but the last two days it was like a period.
Theres no say if its coming or going. It comes and goes when it pleases :(
When did you last see your GP or have a scan? If you don't want to make a GP appt - you can always ring NHS direct - they will sometimes tell you to get to your GP or tell you to go to A & E if it neccessary. It can help having their decision if you don't want to see your GP.
Ive got a scan this wednesday so fingers crossed everything is ok.
I was in hospital last saturday. They said to me that the neck of the womb was closed so it means its very unlikely i have had a miscarraige.
I would say if you are really worried you are more than entitled t go and get some more advice from your GP. They may want to just do do some bloods on you just to check things, or they may wait till Wednesdy. What would you rather do?

Remember - if you are worried about anything - your GP would rather see you than worry about you.
They done blood tests on me on saturday. I havent heard anything about the results yet though.
If i ever do get the results that is...(thats the NHS for you :p )
'C' x
Lol tell me about it. Did u go into A & E? they did my bloods the first time I went in and I waited for the results. Can you ring and ask them?

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