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Discussion in 'Combination Feeding' started by LoopyLouize, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Hi girls I need help!

    Sebastian was breastfed for the full first week. His latch was good, my pain had eased.. (ish) and I was quite happy just gritting my teeth through the pain as I had told myself that its not forever. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and easy I found it all. (I say easy meaning not having to bother with bottles). Anyway, then on day 7 he started to get very colicky. He would latch. .. I would grit my teeth through the initial latching pain for the first 5 mins..I knew it would ease after 5 minutes... but then he would get windy and unlatch... then relatch... then unlatch... and so forth... this went on for 70 minutes... After which I was in agony, bleeding and tearful. Next feed... the same thing happened again... then he decided to completely lose interest in feeding and went a full 9 hours with nothing. I panicked and gave him formula!!!! I was gutted as I really though id cracked it :(

    Anyhow, I tried and tried to get him to latch properly after that and he was having none of it. My bf support workers loaned me a breast pump so for this full second week I've expressed as often and as much as I can...( very difficult with an 18 month old running around I must admit)! I bought fenugreek and I have seen an improvement with my milk supply, however I can still only manage to express 2/3 3oz bottles worth a day... the rest I have too top up with formula.

    Basically im looking into a way to get him to re latch as at the moment he's not interested. My bf support worker has gone on holiday so I cant turn to her at the moment. Any help would be appreciated xxx

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    are there any groups near you hun, we have lots and there are quite a few trained peer supporters from those that help out with issues. apart from that i dunno what to suggest, its all a horrid blur for me the first few weeks of combi feeding alysa were a painful hell i lived on painkillers and lansinoh, keep trying tho as its only pure stubborness that got me thru it. ask in breastfeeding section too

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