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    May 28, 2005
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    HI there ...
    first of all i would like to say thankyou for taking your time to read this!

    i am soo worried right now i would like to know if any of you had this same situation like me ...

    i had 2 ectopics pregnancy b4... and both my tubes was saved...

    i really don't know how to start off but i hope you all would understand what im trying to say!

    my last period was april 7 and ended on april 11 .
    on may 24 what happen was i had alil pinkish /redish spots for only like 30 secs (after i had sex) ... that's when i went to the washroom i found out that i was spotting alil ... like very tiny bit of it just like when i wipe it once then the next was gone ... and 2 drops .... wasn't like dark red or red it was more pinkish red ...
    now on may 27 i notice i was spotting a lil brown spots.. (discharge) i think that's what u call it... VERY LIL in the beginning ... the whole day it was like maybe 4 drops in my panties so i thought to myseld this is odd so i went out to buy a pregnancy test it was positive!
    so i was really happy right ... but then i got really worried cuz of my past pregnancy... the thing i don't understand is ... my last pregnancy it was like i was having my period ... but like black colour ... really weird i know ... first pregnancy was like that to but red colour. like i was having my period ...
    but this pregnancy it was weird cuz it spotted pinkish for only like 30 secs and gone .... then yam! ... few days later brown colour .... but now i went to the washroom and i wiped it ... and came out alil more of the brown blood on the tissue paper but then i wiped it agian it was soooo really light ... it doens't look like when i was having my period just like lil lil spots of it coming out BUT Y BROWN!!! ????,i dont' have any pain or anything like my past pregnancy ... i just have sore boobs that's it!
    i read it on the internet it might be implantation ....
    but could it be ... calculateing the time,day.... could it be possible ...
    u see i don't understand how it works like when it's suppose to implant ...

    please tell me what u think ...
    has it ever happened to any of u guys like that ... please im really worried!!!!

    one more thing i wanted to ask was ... if you have signs of implantation ... then is it a sign that it's in the right spot instead of like ... anywhere else like my tube???
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    May 9, 2005
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    hi i was thinking that if u have had a positive HPT i would go see ur doctor just to make sure all is ok as u have had 2 eptopic pregnancys i would think that they are more than wiling to check things are ok, and as u are spotting it sounds like implantation but if u are at all hesitating the go to doctor,
    good luck with ur pregnancy hun im sure things will go well this time for u :D

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